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New Player Aids

posted Sep 27, 2012 18:05:43 by Wayne.
I've taken the great information available on the wiki and created a series of single page double-sided new player aids - one for each role. I was hoping to upload it here for others to use, but the forum doesn't appear to allow files to be uploaded. Is there a better place to share this with the Artemis community?

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GregKurlinski said Sep 27, 2012 18:52:19
You could also/instead put it in the Wiki itself.

There is a post with the login info, or contact Hissatsu.

What seems to be the best way is to create your own personal account on the wiki, then use the account listed in the link to grant your personall account access. Use your personal account for doing any actual work.
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PurplePenguin04 said Sep 28, 2012 18:54:27
What kind of files are they? I'm very interested in seeing them.
Wayne. said Oct 01, 2012 18:30:20
I believe I've successfully uploaded to the Artemis wiki a zip of the 8 PDFs I've created. You should be to download it here:

I didn't make a more direct link to it from the main wiki page as I'm not sure who is controlling that aspect of the wiki and didn't want to step on any toes. I'd appreciate review and comments on the documents, especially around any incomplete or incorrect information and if you use them and find them helpful.

There is still an unknown listed as "?" in one of the charts. Does anyone know how large the area of effect is for an ECM? My assumption is 1000 m like mine/nukes. I couldn't find a reference to it, so I left it as unknown. Let me know if there are any other factual problems with the documents or suggested changes.

One other suggestion for new players is to have them all watch the youtube station tutorial. We ran our first real session this weekend, and we started with the main screen showing the video. It answered 95% of the basic questions that everyone had and made it easy for us to switch stations after a game or two.
deathbygiraffe said Oct 02, 2012 18:19:43
DL'd and took a quick look. They look great. I'll try them out with students tomorrow. In the 30 second look, I noticed that the Weapons Officer page is missing the hotkey configs.

A couple QuickRef sheets would be cool as well.
FFDilithiumCryst said Oct 02, 2012 19:28:40
Darn it!

I was thinking of making Youtube station tutorials but I don't have enough members to convince myself to buy the full version.

Ya beat me to the punch, Wayne!
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Hissatsu said Oct 03, 2012 13:43:34
Correction, I do not own rights to the wiki, I'm a simple user. I think that pnthomas is the admin you should ask in case you need access.
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Wayne. said Oct 04, 2012 20:01:55
I'll have to dig up those key combinations for the next update. Thanks for pointing that out.

What were you thinking of for quick ref? I put together the charts and tables sheet as an attempt to do that. I think a player quick ref is hard given there's not a long ref to actually teach them how to use a station. I've tried to be that middle ground that allows newbies to learn quickly and has info at hand to use while playing.

And to be clear, I didn't make the Youtube video on the stations, I just used the good one that's already there.
deathbygiraffe said Oct 04, 2012 23:45:01
Quick Refs: To be fair, I think you and I experience different types of players. I think your player aids are GREAT for distributing to a crew, especially ahead of time. They're very thorough.

But all of the Artemis I've seen so far is the equivalent of pick-up basketball: high school students that wander by my computer lab after school and want to begin the moment they sit down. So I'll sit the kids down, try to give each of them the basics of each station's UI, and then troubleshoot as a quasi-captain until they don't need me or replace me. I've created little leave-behinds to remind them of the controls. I'm uploading an early version. It's "early" in that it has grammar/spelling mistakes, not that my "final" versions are much better-looking...
Wayne. said Oct 07, 2012 15:36:05
My play usage is not in the pick-up/convention mode. I'm headed to a friends' this afternoon to play with a group of new players, but it's a structured activity. I'm expecting my players to take the time to read 2 pages before being able to play. And even in the pick-up mode, I was thinking that if there are people waiting to play, these would be handed to folks to read as the current game is in process. Then when it's done, they can cycle into the stations having read something more substantive. It's my understanding that this is essentially what was done at other conventions, but that the hand-outs weren't formalized for reuse. That's what I've attempted to provide.

My introduction to the game has been only via the Internet. So when I went looking for the player's guide and was pointed to the Wiki, that didn't sit well as being the only alternative. The information there is great, but not convenient for a casual user.

I think your very brief summaries are great to tape to the table at each station. I suspect both used together will be highly effective.
LeeKeiserII said Oct 17, 2012 20:14:59
Deathbygiraffe: Do you have the other quick-reference cards available for the other stations?
deathbygiraffe said Oct 17, 2012 20:46:27
@Lee - I don't particularly think they're good enough to "officially" post anywhere, but I'd be happy to share them. I'll message you.
jeff said Oct 27, 2012 06:34:38
@Deathbygiraffe - If you don't mind, I'd love to see your other quick-reference cards also.
jeff said Oct 27, 2012 06:34:39
@Deathbygiraffe - If you don't mind, I'd love to see your other quick-reference cards also.
deathbygiraffe said Oct 27, 2012 13:10:11
@Jeff, I'm embarrassed to say that Google+ makes me want to chuck my computer out the window every time I can't do the most simple of tasks. Message me and I'll send you the pdf.
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