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Want to join, or form, a UK Crew

posted Sep 26, 2012 09:47:46 by oliver.boylan

I found this game on the internet recently. I would really love to play, but have no one I can team up with. I have had a go at the demo version running on a couple of computers so I could get a feel for the game, but I want to take it further and get in to some real gaming. I'm looking to play online and would love to join a crew, fulfilling any position available. I would be particularly interested in taking on the role of helm, weapons, or science (in that order). I would also be happy to captain a crew (who wouldn't?!). I'm based in the UK and am looking to play evenings or weekends.

I look forward to getting in touch with people and crews and setting up a game over the internet.
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Ed said Oct 18, 2012 12:54:30
Hi.. I'm in the UK and would love to be able to play Artemis more frequently. If you have Steam, my username is Xipheas: feel free to add me. That's what I'm logged into the most.
JosephO'Connor said Oct 21, 2012 10:54:56
I've recently downloaded the demo and would like to try it properly. I have TeamSpeak 3, Skype(jm.oconnor79) and Steam(jockey1979) and Ventrilo.

I am free most evenings from around 9pm UK time.
E said Oct 22, 2012 08:35:55
I think we should just turn this thread into a general UK timezone gathering point for Artemis players. If we all have Steam usernames, then that is a very simple way to keep in touch and organise games.

Anyone else who is interested in playing during typical UK gaming hours - so Europeans too - can then begin to get a bit more organised!
E said Oct 22, 2012 08:37:13
And now I'm E with a green background, rather than Ed with an orange one. Too many accounts to remember!
Cetshwayo said Oct 26, 2012 12:50:20
Also recently downloaded the demo. Would like to have a go with some others before I decide to buy. :)

Give me a shout on Steam: Cetshwayo
PeterReynolds said Oct 27, 2012 19:14:18
Im desperate to have a go at this game and purchased it a week ago i had ppl lined up for a lan game but there not about any more. I'm available most evenings from 9 and all weekends.

My steam account is fraggles1987

Ill fill any role
RobertFitzgerald said Oct 29, 2012 19:23:04
If any of you are in/near London give me a shout - we are looking at setting up regular events
edmundrw said Oct 31, 2012 16:26:36
I am London based and am also looking at setting up regular events of some description. Anyone in London looking for a group/bridge or anyone willing/able to travel into London should make themselves known!

Robert - I have emailed you
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JosephO'Connor said Nov 01, 2012 14:52:26
cetshwayo, when I try to add you on steam a whole long list of people comes up with the same name...

try adding me, so i know which one you are lol
JosephO'Connor said Nov 01, 2012 14:53:56
never mind... i think i got the right one.. should have had in invite
Cetshwayo said Nov 01, 2012 18:54:24
Derp. My bad.

Didn't realize who people were so I ignore friend requests from people who I do not know. I accepted Joseph's invite. Oliver, yours just seemed to have disappeared. Send it again and I'll accept it.

My PC is always on. So Steam would show online even though I'm not always there.
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MichaelPardoe said Nov 04, 2012 15:51:26
Artemis, London

I've set up this group so that It'll be easier for people to build teams. I currently play with a few people in London. Feel free to message me if you want to play.
[Last edited Nov 04, 2012 16:14:41]
MarkSageAnderson said Nov 09, 2012 19:44:08
hey guys im UK and would to join a crew

im Marku on steam
oliver.boylan said Nov 09, 2012 20:33:56
Hey Marku

Added you on steam. Check for any new friend requests.
oliver.boylan said Nov 10, 2012 22:38:20
Hey guys,

The UK online Artemis group is gradually growing. We have several keen members and one player has set up a steam group for us too. One issue we are beginning to come across however, is that of communication.

The core members of our group all communicate in game using a voice chat client (teamspeak). We feel it is pretty essential in game to be able to communicate over voice. My own opinion is that, we have already removed most of the communication as we are not able to communicate together in the same room, therefore removing voice chat would make it virtually impossible to play (particularly at higher levels) because communication through typing would be ineffective and slow.

As we gain more members in the community, it may be that there is a group who play using text-chat. Currently however, the core members of the community are playing using voice chat.

I have posted this so new members are aware of this as they join the group.


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