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Comm's order to "Defend base" not working

posted Sep 23, 2012 00:00:14 by GregKurlinski
Something odd happens if a Friendly Destroyer (with a top speed set to 1.0 or grater) when Comms orders it to defend a base, the ship will move to it, bump against it, then coast away at about 1/2 speed off into the distance forever.

To verify, I created a new mission, with a base station in the middle, and a friendly destoryer that had the AI command listen to comms and Set property TopSpeed to 1.0 I placed no enemies.

Started the mission, and Comms sent the order of "Defend Base". The ship accepted the order, and moved tword the base. Eventually, it bumped into it, a few times, then passed it, and kept moving in the same vector... away from the station.
Comms asked for a status report and all I get back is that it is heading tword the Base (even when it is 10k away and moveing further.

I am sure that this worked better before before the update.
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GregKurlinski said Sep 23, 2012 00:47:11
it may have something to do with the new Coasting after warp that was added this update.
Mike_Substelny said Sep 24, 2012 03:14:30
I haven't seen this before, but I don't doubt that it happened to you. I doubt that is what Thom intended, so he may fix it in the future. If it's a problem right now your mission script can always reduce the Destroyer's maximum speed when it is close to a base.
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