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Multi-Bridge Setup... concerns? issues?

posted Sep 20, 2012 23:08:08 by deathbygiraffe
I recently ran a 3-ship game for my high school students (first multi-bridge game) and I ran into some strange problems. I feel like I've looked through all the forums, but I couldn't find anything that addressed the issues I came across:

Small issues:
- Comms overlap - I was prepared for this, having read about it in other forum posts. Multiple Comms officers can inadvertently cancel each other's commands to NPCs and Stations.
- Docking-Limit - Only one ship could dock at a time at a single station

Medium issues:
- Viewscreens? - For the life of me, I couldn't figure out the viewscreens for ships 2 & 3. I ended up using their unused "server" computers as an observer station. This worked well, except they obviously couldn't change the display. Did I miss something?
- Science overlap - my 3 Science Officers reported that they were able to cancel out each other's scans.

Has anyone else come across these issues?

I also had an issue where a "destroyed" player ship stayed onscreen, and where a client tried to log in late and froze as a result. I didn't care so much about these occurrences, as they were minor and didn't effect gameplay.

The Science overlap was probably the most problematic issue. The kids even tried to brainstorm a way around it (including using a skeleton-crewed "Flagship" with the game's only Science and Comms officers - then Skyping from another room to the captains of the science-and-comms-less ships). I actually liked this idea except that a Captain's Map (which would replace a science screen on the additional ships) isn't clickable to give headings.

Has anyone else run into similar problems? How do you work around them?

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PurplePenguin04 said Sep 21, 2012 14:14:45
Did you have the clients you wanted to be view screens select "main screen" after selecting which ship they wanted to be a part of? I've not had any problem with the main screen with other ships so far.

As for the Comms and Science overlap issues. My guess is that it's a bug that has something to do with the fact that any number of players can select those stations instead of limiting it to one per ship, such as with Helm, Weapons and engineering. Maybe we can petition Thom to make Science and Communication exclusive too.
deathbygiraffe said Sep 21, 2012 15:07:28
Hmmm... I did not see a "Main Screen" option. There's no reason for it NOT to be there, it just means I missed it. As I feared, the problem is ME. Thanks, man. I'll look for that next time.
But Comms and Science, that's a thing you've experienced as well? How do you work around it with your crews? Especially crews that are in other rooms?
PurplePenguin04 said Sep 21, 2012 18:53:11
I haven't done any multi bridge games and the ones I did do only had a Helmsman and Weapons officer. I have done testing with the comms and science stations and in those tests I see the same problems you mentioned.

EDIT: I thought I should also mention that you can click on things in the captains map for bearing and range. The workaround your students came up with should work, at least for the science station.
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deathbygiraffe said Sep 21, 2012 21:17:19
Thanks TWICE.
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