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Guess I got lucky!

posted Sep 20, 2012 06:32:09 by markholmesv1
So being a big Sci-Fi fan, I was THRILLED to find this game. Me and a few buds gave it a try this past weekend and yep...hooked! My only complaint would'd be sickness if the game was in three dimensions.

As for the luck part.....I have a 16pc LAN in the house already and 6 of those PCs are Laptops (all with dedicated video and the like). The Home Theater I have also features three rows of stadium seating already. So it was as simple as giving everyone a laptop, getting seated and bam, done! Main viewer at 120" aint bad and I already had it all in place! So heres to looking forward to many more battles and perhaps some mucking with the code for further...enhancements!
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avbeeri said Sep 20, 2012 11:55:04
That setup sounds awesome!
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