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DMX -> WiFi LED lighting

posted Sep 20, 2012 21:07:55 by GregKurlinski
I am no expert with this stuff, but thought that some of you "construction" guys might find this interesting (with using a DMX->wifi interface):
A wifi programable/trigerable full spectrum color LED bulb, on a mesh network.

yes, it is a kickstarter, but it is all existing tech, just put together in a new way.

Might be of interest to some of you.
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NickJackson said Sep 25, 2012 22:07:53
Looks like those bulbs use their own proprietary interface, not DMX. I'm not saying its impossible, but it would need additional development work for probably very little gain.

That said, they could be very cool for creating adjustable ambient lighting you can manually tweak before a mission to add an ambiance.
GregKurlinski said Sep 25, 2012 22:18:39
As I understand it, yes, they talk to each other over a mesh network, but the "control" (or Master) bulb also has Wifi to the users own network. The WiFi instuction set will be released in a API. A DMX to WiFi converter would be all that is required. -however, it would need to be built, as I have never heard of one.
NickJackson said Sep 25, 2012 22:27:59
DMX is a combination of specs which includes things like the cables, voltages, and some very low-level stuff. The converter you're talking about would either need to emulate the ENTEC DMX unit and interpret the serial instructions, or be a physical thing you plug a DMX cable into.

What would be really exciting would be if Artemis had a more extensible IO API interface, which we could use for a small bit of software to pick up on the current simulator state and talk to the bulbs. This could then be used to drive all kinds of things!
Flynnicism said Dec 16, 2012 23:58:52
Someone has been able to hack the Phillips Hue, a similar sighting system, with some success

The only problem I could see would be that the Hue doesn't use the same RGB values.

If anyone's used this, I'm planning on picking this up in the near future and would be interested to see if it's viable or not.
Flynnicism said Dec 22, 2012 02:21:37
Doing something like this would be awesome.
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