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Crowd Funded Build

posted Sep 18, 2012 17:05:03 by tieguyny
Stay Tuned.
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Cmdr.Brandr said Sep 18, 2012 18:44:01
I like the idea and I'd contribute!

Though I think the plaque or at least the copies of the plaque should be 3D printed.

Sounds Great!
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tieguyny said Sep 18, 2012 20:27:50
The plaques would be cast, so all of the letters and logos would be raised, and the background surface would have a raised texture.
BrianBrooks said Sep 23, 2012 13:38:47
Hello. I was wondering how I could get a copy of your sketchup design. I tried something similar in sketchup but your skills are way above mine. I will also be considering adding my name to your plaque. That is a great idea. I have a friend who has a Kettle Corn Business and sets up at trade shows and fairs and such . I wonder if it would be possible to take a trailor to events such as that and charge for game time. i have several flea markets nearby that I think a trailor like that may be perfect for. Would also have to consider a commercial license for Artmeis. What are your ideas on that. If you are willing to share the sketchup file I would greatly appreciate it. You can always send it, or reach me at Look forward to hearing from you.
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