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An addition for "". Find people easier with a world map?

posted Sep 18, 2012 04:36:56 by FFDilithiumCryst
(I'm not sure if this should be under news with the "" news announcement, so excuse me if I put this topic in the wrong place.)

They come from the East Coast,
they come from the West Coast.
Some are next-door nations,
and some are from far away countries.....
(By the way: This is not a poem...)

A recommendation for your new website ( Mr. Robertson:

A world map to show where all the crews are located! (Possibly Google maps?...)

When we register a ship to your website, we would only give one piece of additional information; the city, state and nation in which our ships' originate from. By just providing this, other people will recognize that they are not the only ship that's out there shooting space debris or playing missions!

And even if they are the only ship that's in the region, that will convince other people (even newcomers like myself) to populate their local area filled with ships!

Artemis' future can grow even further with this type of information.

So please consider my recommendation and thank you for making such an amazing game!
(Even though I currently don't have the man-power or money-power to play the complete game.............I still love the demo!!!!!)
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GregKurlinski said Sep 18, 2012 17:35:36
I have seen such maps for other er.. hobbies, that I have, it would be a nice addition to the site.
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