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Race/Hull Keys?

posted Sep 16, 2012 19:53:36 by Sasquatch
Hey all!
I'm creating a custom mission with the Mission editor and I'm running into a new problem.
When I create an enemy, the editor will not allow me to input race/hull keys or a hull ID.
If I click race/hull keys input ("<>"), it opens a dialog box that looks like it should hold a list of race/hull keys but is instead completely empty. I can post a screenshot if this is unclear. Why can't the program find any race/hull keys for me to select, and why can't I input my own (without opening up the actual XML file?
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avbeeri said Sep 16, 2012 20:37:21
I haven't used the program much, but I think that the Mission Editor requires you to tell it where the Artemis ship data file is, or place it in one of a specific set of folder locations. Make sure that you have done that, and then see if it populates the drop down boxes :)
Sasquatch said Sep 16, 2012 20:50:08
Do you mean the vesseldata.xml?
Because I've already specified where that is within the program, but still no luck :(.
Sasquatch said Sep 16, 2012 22:34:27
After installing the update, IT WORKED!
Thanks anyways!
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