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Mission: The Feeding Grounds

posted Sep 16, 2012 05:46:28 by JtSmith
UPDATE: Version 1.1 makes the bad guys more of a threat right away, ups the game at the end, and includes 2 side missions for a better mid-game.

I've created a mission to share with everybody called The Feeding Grounds.

The Feeding Grounds is a story-based mission for a small crew who is relatively new to the game. It features a navigational puzzle, some baddies to shoot or run from, and a series of small comm/science tasks to keep it interesting. This is recommended for a crew size of about 3.

I wasn't sure where else to post it, unless I was supposed to post it, so here you go. Let me know what you think.
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ardicwolf said Sep 17, 2012 22:07:34
We played this last night, and the helmsman had a great time, but the rest of us were fairly bored. I'd love to see some more communications from Longway Station, presenting additional objectives for the journey. Perhaps some ships from the fleet following the Artemis earlier, or other enemies (one or two at a time) appearing during the journey that need to be dealt with, leading up to a larger conflict at the station.

I think this has the start of a great first mission for a new crew, it just needs a few more interesting bits so that the other stations have things to learn from. Thanks for writing it :)
JtSmith said Sep 17, 2012 22:36:18
I agree completely. It was my very first mission design ever, so I didn't really understand what was possible. I've been working on a new much more complex mission now, and have learned a lot. I plan to go back and update The Feeding Grounds with my new knowledge.
JtSmith said Sep 18, 2012 01:16:47
Version 1.1 released.
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