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Savable Event Log

posted Sep 15, 2012 22:17:13 by tyson.vanover
Would it be possible to set up an event log that the server outputs after a mission? I would love to be able to recreate missions after the fact. It wouldn't have to be too detailed, something along the lines of:
00:00:00 Mission Start
00:01:23 Artemis fires ECM
00:01:35 Artemis fires Nuke
00:01:39 B75(Kralien Cruiser) destroyed
00:01:39 C12(Kralien Cruiser) destroyed
00:01:39 A15(Kralien Cruiser) destroyed
00:01:45 Artemis fires beams at N22(Kralien Battleship)
00:01:46 N22(Kralien Battleship) fires beams at Artemis
00:02:20 N22(Kralien Battleship) Surrenders
00:05:03 DS2 enters singularity

I could see the logs limited to
* Ship destruction
* Ship surrender
* Weapons Fire
* Quest completion
* Docking
* Undocking - With effects of docking (loaded 2 nukes 1 ecm 2 damcom)

And yes on a very interesting map DS2 did fall into a singularity about 5 minutes into a game.
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piebob said Mar 02, 2013 02:07:29
i would also be extremely interested in this! i would love to do log analysis on logs from Artemis. i'd like to track all kinds of things, including actions taken at different stations. any chance this might happen?
TaigiaReilly said Mar 02, 2013 04:36:07
This would make taking notes to remember what happened in a mission much easier. Then we could report it on this forum for the enjoyment of all.
Captain said Mar 03, 2013 16:17:25
The only minor problem I could see would be the length. In some missions were there is a variety of enemy's I use mostly beams to save missiles for more difficult enemy's. in some missions the Artemis fired over 1000 times. And I have had the ship hit over 500 times. Now that I am more expirenced this doesn't happen. But still beams are usually fired at least a hundred times. Which means these logs could be upwards of 5 pages. And I don't want to sort through three pages a beam fire to try to see what happened.
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RussJudge said Mar 04, 2013 15:28:48
Missions do have a "Log" command that will do this. I haven't seen it used much, though, because it would have to be added to every event, and can quickly add up to a large log file, depending on how your events are structured in the mission file.
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Mike_Substelny said Mar 04, 2013 16:41:22
The mission event log can only log events in the mission script. It cannot log actions of the players (course changes, weapon firings, etc.) or actions by enemies AIs (ditto).

I believe a detailed log file would be fun for LARPers. At the end of a game in which a base or neutral ship is lost they could hold a court martial using the log as evidence.
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Jrok said Mar 04, 2013 18:06:06
^lol last bit was nicely put lol
TaigiaReilly said Mar 04, 2013 18:07:46
Just last night my crew got to play with several other crews in a big LAN party. We wish we could have ad some kind of log because we are sure we kicked more ass then the others but we have no way to prove it.
Captain said Mar 07, 2013 01:53:07
I suppose an overall record of each ship instead of a combined list would be better. However have a log with laser fire and such would just be annoying and way to long. But having kills by each ship. etc. would be nice.
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And the hope that the war against folly may someday be won, after all

Isaac Asimov
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