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Cool tricks with DMX?

posted Sep 14, 2012 03:27:15 by lordrahvin
I've never heard of DMX before today, but this idea of interfacing new gadgets with Artemis has me very excited. Here's some interesting devices I found on a quick internet search:

This could be a nice subtle way of introducing tactful lighting into the simulation, either for Red Alert purposes, setting to Engineering pre-sets (which I like to call Condition Green, Condition Blue, Yellow Alert, and Red Alert), or to flash when taking damage and change color when the shields are down.

If this reminds your friends too much of Christmas-lighting, check out this nice alternative reminiscent of classic Star Trek stage props:

I think they are *supposed* to go on the ceiling, but I think it would be neat just to put them up on the wall. There are many varieties. Some are round, some are square, some are small like this one, and some are huge. Others have elbaorate displays with more than one panel. Most panels can change colors, but some can alter the colors of individual LEDs to create elaborate patterns and messages. For example:

There may not be a need to get that fancy though. A single LED light placed strategically behind the main screen can do wonders to provide ambiance. Notice the use of lighting in this photo:

And finally, the idea that I'm most excited about: DIMMER SWITCHES!

I'd love to see things like this actually control the energy levels of Engineering instead of having to use a mouse. It might even be possible to use LED strips to give each station an indicator as to when they've been given more power.

Am I missing the mark here? Can this be done?

What else can be done?
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ThomRobertson said Sep 14, 2012 13:54:23
Remember, right now Artemis uses DMX for OUTPUT. Input is still handled through mouse, keyboard, and USB joystick.
Creator of Artemis
PurplePenguin04 said Sep 14, 2012 14:28:11
Currently, the event's that send DMX signals are...

NORMAL_CONDITION_1 (Steady white light)
PLAYER_SHIELDS_ON (Steady blue light)
TRACTORED_FOR_DOCKED (Steady yellow light)
COMPLETELY_DOCKED (Steady green light)
RED_ALERT (Steady red light)
SHIP_DAMAGE_20 (flicker the light of the first light box)
SHIP_DAMAGE_40 (flicker the light of the first light box)
SHIP_DAMAGE_60 (flicker the light of the first light box)
SOMETHING_HITS_PLAYER (flicker the light of the first light box)

lordrahvin said Sep 17, 2012 01:57:21
Anyone know if USB dimmer switches I can use as an alternative...?

My mouse has a little mouse wheel. A little control with several of these wheels would be nifty.
Daredevil Cosmic Cowboys, TNS Hyperion, Weapons Officer
1st Fleet of Southern California Sector.

AdamGillette said Sep 18, 2012 07:03:55
I really like the Idea of an Indicator for each station to let then know how much power they have. This could lead to things like everyone yelling for more power and the Captain having to intervene and make decisions. May be this is just something that gets added to the HUD of each station though.
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