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Need planets and other mesh items

posted Sep 11, 2012 15:37:14 by PeterRaines
Hi all!
This game is awesome and I have already started designing mission files. I will post them when they are polished.
What I need are planet meshes (and honestly, all meshes are useful, even non-planets). I noticed that the generic_mod and planets zip files that have been posted several times are now dead links. Can someone post these to a nice server somewhere so we can all have access to them again?
Thanks so much in advance!!!
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TreChipman said Sep 11, 2012 16:50:11
Sorry-- I've been migrating servers around, but you should be able to get the Generic Mod at Let me know if you hit any snags!
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peter.raines said Sep 11, 2012 17:01:54
You are awesome, Thanks!
JohnKlingbeil said Sep 12, 2012 13:45:59
customizable fractal map generator
DwayneShaffer said Sep 13, 2012 04:28:16
Here are two more fractal map generators
Dwayne Shaffer C.O.
Vidar GSR 3701
C.D.F. 7th Fleet
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