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Can enemies fire anything else than beams?

posted Sep 11, 2012 10:42:59 by SergiuWittenbergerBadau
I want to make an enemy that can fire torpedoes at you, but I don't really know how. Can you make it in the mission editor or is it a special thing you have to do in the vesselData ? Something else ?


p.s I hope it won't double post as the first topic I tried to make on this subject disappeared.
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SergiuWittenbergerBadau said Sep 12, 2012 11:23:38
Anyone ?
PurplePenguin04 said Sep 12, 2012 13:54:48
I'm still pretty new to the game but I have come across a few enemy vessels that have fired off some kind of missile or something similar at me. If I remember correctly, they did 15 damage to my shields.
SergiuWittenbergerBadau said Sep 12, 2012 14:01:56
is that a special mission that you played? If so, which ? I have looked in the vesselData and have not found the enemy ships having anything else than a beam or two.

I found a code snippet for generating plasma torpedoes (the one from the wiki page) but it doesn't work. :(

PurplePenguin04 said Sep 12, 2012 14:07:42
It wasn't a special mission. Just running Invasion mode, Layout: Siege, Sector: Interesting difficulty 3 to 6.
SergiuWittenbergerBadau said Sep 12, 2012 14:22:20
Ok, I will look after that, going to play a few games then. Couldn't find any data on those enemies though. (As in having that ability )
CaptainZach said Sep 12, 2012 16:00:26
Artemis has 4 enemy alien races:

  • Kraliens, standard guys who fire beams
  • Torgoths, they fire long-range missles that can be shot down
  • ArVonians, carriers that launch fighters
  • Skaraan, mysterious invaders that fire beams but have abilities too powerful and mysterious to mention here

EDIT: I guess the missles are referred to as "drones" for the Torgoth but the concept is the same.
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SergiuWittenbergerBadau said Sep 12, 2012 18:52:37
Uuuuh !!! Thank you sooo much :D
SergiuWittenbergerBadau said Sep 12, 2012 19:26:36
Ah, forgot to ask. I've put 3 drone ports on the ship but it only fires one, can I change that so that it fires 3 instead ?
Mike_Substelny said Sep 14, 2012 00:31:54
Three drones? That'll be one tough son-of-a-gun!

I've never tried that. Are you certain that all three drones aren't inside each other? Can one shot from a single beam weapon take it out or not?

If necessary, just make three ships attached to each other. Write a mission script that has one drone-equipped core ship moving after the player (push radius zero) and two other drone-equipped ships that are constantly moved to just a few meters away from the core ship.
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