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The Demo does not show how fun this game is!

posted Sep 10, 2012 21:38:00 by lordrahvin
Honestly, my group and I were confused. We heard this game was fun. It seemed like the idea had a lot of promise. So it was a big disappointment when we tried the demo and came to the conclusion that it was kind of bland. It really didn't seem worth paying $40. We weren't going to.

Then someone mentioned that would be about $7 per person. Yeah, okay, I guess it might be worth $7, but I wasn't sure. We weren't having fun, but everyone online seemed to swear this was a fun game. Okay, we had nothing else to do, we had all the hardware hooked up, so we bought the game.


This is the most awesome game I've played in a very long time. It's becoming an addiction for me. The new improvements to the game have helped a lot, the new stations add a ton of tactical and strategic considerations, and the game's mod-friendly nature leaves such interesting possibilities open to us!

The demo does not give you any idea of what a great game this is. The addition of a science console makes helm way more fun, when it felt broken in the demo. The weapons officer has so much more to do in the full version. The new engineering section gives the captain a lot more things to think about, and makes energy a constant consideration. And I didn't even know about the awesome GM console!!! :)

Now I'm scripting missions for my friends, and we're discussing pre-sets and energy allocation strategies, having fun with the new jump drive... it's truly an awesome game.

The demo does not do this game justice. It makes the game look limited and small, when Artemis is anything but. At the very least, some kind of text or SOMETHING has to be added to the demo to show people what they are missing.
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FFDilithiumCryst said Sep 18, 2012 20:06:21
You are refering to Demo Version 1.6 right?
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