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Can players clear a minefield?

posted Sep 10, 2012 06:37:08 by lordrahvin

Other than flying into it or luring other ships in it, is there an effective way for players to clear a minefield?
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Hissatsu said Sep 10, 2012 11:34:24
Yes. Very simple, but you need a warp drive. Just ram the field! If you move faster than the mine's shockwave, mine cannot deal damage to you. Therefore, you fly through, mines blow up but deal no damage to your ship. You need to find an optimal speed though - getting through at a very fast speed (Warp 4 with 300% energy) will blow up only small % of mines. You need to find a speed fast enough to evade the shockwave, but not too fast so that all mines have time to register your ship.

No easy way to do it with jump drive though, well maybe except being very pro and priming your jumpdrive to take you 1k backwards, then ramming the mine so that you jump exactly at the same time as the mine goes off, meaning the shockwave starts but doesnt reach you because you already jumped out. That would require very precise action from your helms though. Another way is just ramming some mines at a time, then jumping straight to base to recharge. May be even faster than jumping back, because bases do regenerate shields fast. You need to set shields to 300% at the exact time you are hit by the shockwave though, so that you lose the smallest shield amount possible.
LukeLeimer said Sep 15, 2012 06:01:26
I wish there was a way to have as targetable entities either with beams or with torps or whatnot.
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