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Mission Report: HMS Artemis, Battleship

posted Sep 09, 2012 05:26:47 by WilliamFisher
This mission report contains the results of Mission Bravo Echo 7, assigned by Command one week before the date on this report. Captain Hapes reporting.

Our mission was to investigate reports of enemy activity in sector 27B/6. Upon warping into DS1 in that sector, scans indicated multiple groups of unidentified ships. Science Officer Fraser determined quickly that a group approaching DS3 was hostile. I gave the order to engage the enemy. Tactical Officer Toobis was able to eliminate that group of enemies in short order.

During this skirmish, sensors reported enemy vessel I94 to be approaching. Upon the destruction of the initial group, I gave the order to engage I94. This vessel was not immediately destroyed, as it jumped out of the fight after its shields were down.

DS2 requested supplies from DS1, in exchange for additional nuclear torpedoes. Upon completing this mission, I94 returned to attack DS3. After another brief encounter, the captain of I94 executed another jump and was lost from sensors.

Meanwhile, DS3 reported multiple groups of enemy vessels approaching. As I94 was either destroyed or unable to be detected, I chose to engage these enemies. This proved to be fatal for DS1, which was destroyed while the Artemis was defending DS3.

After destroying one enemy battle group, A group of 4 enemy vessels was approaching DS2. In order to secure our rear, I ordered we break off the defense of DS3. Tactical was able to eliminate this smaller group with one ECM torpeodo, one nuclear torpedo and the beam weapons.

While engaged in this fight, I94 returned to attack DS2. This time, we avoided torpedos and were able to defeat I94 using only beam weapons.

Low on supplies, but knowing that DS3 was under threat of significant attack, I ordered a quick docking at DS2, then an immediate high speed run to DS3. The 9 ships attacking DS3 broke off that attack to engage Artemis. Tactical loaded ECM/Nuclear torpedoes, and after several salvos was able to destroy the entire fleet.

Long range scans indicated no further enemy activity in sector 27B/6. This concluded our mission in this sector. The loss of life on DS1 was unfortunate, and I take full responsibility for the destruction of that station.

I would like to commend Officers Fraser and Toobin for the execution of their duties during this crisis situation.

Report ends.

(Fraser, Chris and I ran three missions. The first two had Fraser as captain/engineering, Chris as Helm/Science and me as Tactical/Comms. Mission 1 was difficulty 1, just to get everyone on the same communication page. Mission 2 was difficulty 3. The last mission, a difficulty 5 mission, I took on captain/engineering, Chris was tactical/comms, and Fraser was Helm/Science. This report describes that last mission.)
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Charlie said Sep 15, 2012 02:54:25
Rock on!! Cool report!
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