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Mission Editor Issue

posted Sep 06, 2012 02:00:02 by tieguyny
Hello again, just a quick question. I'm using the awesome mission editor by Hissatsu, which is awesome, but I've got a small issue. When I click on any of the fields to define in any of the conditions or events, the dialog window pops up, and the bottom 75% of the buttons are covered by the border of the window. I've been able to use it, but sometimes I have to guess at what each of the buttons does. Just wondering if anyone knows why this is happening or if they have the same issue. I'm using windows 7, 64bit.

Thanks again.
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michaelhermanns said Sep 06, 2012 16:32:32
I think this could be a matter of the screen size. I have this issue running the editor on my netbook. But on my desktop pc with a 17" monitor everything works fine (both W7, 64 bit).
tieguyny said Sep 06, 2012 23:47:00
Thanks for the reply. Should that be an issue when I'm running 1920 x 1080 resolution on my computer?
Hissatsu said Sep 10, 2012 11:25:54
Hmm sorry for not replying immediately. Could you please give me a screenshot? It should not be there and should be easy to fix.
tieguyny said Sep 10, 2012 16:01:48
Here you go, and thanks for the reply. I highlighted the problem area in red.
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Hissatsu said Sep 12, 2012 21:44:03
Hmmmmmmm.... I am really at a loss here. This at all cannot happen... ever...

First, height of the window is implicitly set to 103 pixels (for all cases except when you edit am multiline message, then its 300 pixels) . In your case, it is less then that!
Second, buttons are bound to bottom right corner. They should never be covered by border, they should cover/be covered by textbox, if anything...

I will think about this... meanwhile, those who have this problem, i have questions for you:
1) What differs on the computer you have problems on to the computer you dont. Any obvious difference stands out, that seems to cause the problem?
2) Does it also happen in other dialogs? One that allows you to check abilities, or ship stations? Or race/hull keys?
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