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Speed issues

posted Sep 05, 2012 15:39:04 by coreyk6767
Is there any way to set the speed of a ship in route to be a little faster than the default setting? I have a Transport ship moving across space a pretty great distance with the Artemis as an escort. It is taking a really long time and I would like a little more speed.

Is there a way to make the enemy chase the target faster so it will ensure it catches up?

I have placed an enemy ship on the map and have a condition and event set up so when the transport enters a sphere the enemy will attack. The problem I have ran across is by default the enemy is slowly progressing fwd from the start of game messing up my plans.



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Mike_Substelny said Sep 09, 2012 07:25:17
Just turn up the maximum speed and the ships will go faster. See the mission script "Party Crashers" for numerous examples of this.
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