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First day of playtesting(and it was a blast)

posted Sep 04, 2012 00:34:31 by Gregory Quick
Today got a group together of 5 people and got to play artemis for the first time(sci/comms combined). We had an absolute blast. I was a bit disappointed at the difficulty level as with a newbie crew we beat 1, 3,4,5,6,7,7 with no deaths with a light cruiser. This combined with 2 or 3 server crashes was the only negative feedback we have at all. The rest of my crews reaction was all positive. The best part for us was explaining our stations to our successors when we decided to swap stations. The amount of unspoken depth to each station gave everyone a much better appreciation for everyone's roles and skills. It was one of the most positive lan experiences ive ever had. When weapons went to manual and instantly shot down enemy beam weapons or when engineering/helm pulled off a perfect high energy turn we would cheer each other on. Thanks for the game and keep up the good work:-).

ps. only suggestions for improvements were quick keys for everything and a cooldown timer for beams similar to torpedoes.
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