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Setting asteroid group to randomize on the Y plane

posted Sep 02, 2012 10:43:09 by RobMuller
Is it possible to randomize the asteroids (or anything for that matter) on the Y plane for more realism?

My code is:
<create count="50" type="asteroids" startX="28949.0" startY="0.0" startZ="2740.0" endX="70688.0" endY="0.0" endZ="96410.0" randomRange="6600" />

But that randomRange doesn't seem to do anything for the y plane.
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Eric said Sep 03, 2012 03:38:00
You could split it into three (or more) <create> tags at three (or more) different Y values. That way you would still get the random distribution in the plane but also have slightly varying heights.
ArpieBowman said Oct 02, 2012 22:10:20
Wouldn't that just cause you to fly over or under the displaced asteroids?

Which reminds me: has anyone thought of a way to make the asteroids move?
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Mike_Substelny said Oct 03, 2012 00:47:27
Eric is right. Don't put them too far from Y=0 or the players won't see them. Also, if the helmsperson is used to avoiding asteroids by looking at his/her console display, then he/she will be dodging asteroids that are above or below the ship.

This is even more hilarious with mines. I used it in "The Pegasus Passage." Unfortunately that mission script relied so heavily on the old DIRECT block that it no longer works.
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