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Looking for a group

posted Sep 02, 2012 20:48:27 by DanLee
Have the full version, looking to play with a group. I have 2 computers and 2 laptops. 1 main computer w/ 3 monitors, and a secondary computer as my server, hooked up to my TV. My laptops are mac, one has windows currently installed, can install windows on the other one. So anyway, if any one wants to do an online session, have my own Teamspeak server. So we can have comms, join at password noname and look for The-0mni.
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Saintduiex said Sep 03, 2012 16:03:49
Hi Dan, would love to join you. Send me a message on FB and see when we can sync up.

WilliamFisher said Sep 03, 2012 16:04:27
I'm on your teamspeak server RIGHT NOW, in fact...
DanLee said Sep 03, 2012 16:10:51
Set up some time next weekend. Saturday around 5 PM EST.
Saintduiex said Sep 03, 2012 18:32:26
Im' on the left coast, 2pm on a Saturday afternoon is probably undoable for me but will see if I can get a Kitchen pass ;)
WilliamFisher said Sep 03, 2012 19:30:59
Yeah, 5PM is a little early for me too. 9PM would work for me, but may be too late for people who want to have social lives.

[ETA:] Just realized that on this Saturday, I am going to a baseball game with my lovely daughter. So, I will have to bow out, unless you're still playing at like 11PM.
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Saintduiex said Sep 04, 2012 00:46:02
If you are East Coast and can do 11pm local on Saturday Sept 8th then I can join you!

And I just took my twins to the Mariners game yesterday :)
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ChrisP.Scrimes said Sep 04, 2012 08:51:51
I'd love to get in for a game next Saturday. Any time is good for me! Just let me know!
Saintduiex said Sep 04, 2012 14:41:52
Well, right now it's looking like William and I can do 8pm pacific(11pm eastern) on this Saturday evening... Will that work for you Chris?
ChrisP.Scrimes said Sep 04, 2012 15:29:26
Sure does! I'll be ready!
FraserSulatycki said Sep 04, 2012 21:50:45
If you have room I'll be available saturday evening too. Played engineering mostly, but I'll try any role.
Saintduiex said Sep 04, 2012 22:51:05
So far it looks like we may have 4: William, Chris, Fraser and myself

Anyone else up for joining us this Saturday evening at 11pm eastern?

WilliamFisher said Sep 05, 2012 02:47:21
To be clear about the whole TeamSpeak thing, let's make sure Dan Lee doesn't mind us using his TS server. Dan, is that cool?
Saintduiex said Sep 05, 2012 04:02:40
Good point William and I'm hoping that he can join us as well!
Saintduiex said Sep 06, 2012 19:38:03
Just in case we dont get a response from Dan, I would be hesatant about "hijacking" his teamspeak, so we can use a public channel from here:

If it looks like we have a crew that wants to continue to play together I can pick us up a private one as well.

Might also be good for all of us who are new to Artemis to review some suggested advice and tips from the wiki: there is an article for each position

FraserSulatycki said Sep 08, 2012 18:36:00
Just to be extra sure, since I've had many other games fall at the last minute: We are still doing this tonight, right?
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