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Making an Enemy Station to Destroy

posted Sep 01, 2012 17:51:45 by RobMuller
So I've only just begun dabbling in mission scripting and even playing the game. We only got it two days ago. I LOVE IT. Great work, Thom! I can't wait to see what the future holds for this incredible game.

Ok, now to my question. Anyone out there know how to make a Station part of the enemy? I'd love to create an assault mission where my crew has to go destroy a station.

Thanks for your help!
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RobMuller said Sep 01, 2012 18:54:02
I've found this link:

But when I applied that it just crashes the mission when I get in range of the station.
RobMuller said Sep 01, 2012 19:20:34
Alright, changed it from basetype="base" to basetype="large" and that worked. Also realized I had just copied and pasted the info into my vesselData.xml without noticing that the author pointed to art that I didn't have. So I copied the standard station art for now, and that works. Then it acted as a regular station though, not enemy.

In my mission file I had built it as a station (like the wiki mentions) so I changed it to a generic enemy, and sure enough, works and looks good now! The only problem is that it doesn't come up as a station on the radar, it comes up as an enemy ship.

Does anyone know of a better way?
DwayneShaffer said Sep 05, 2012 04:56:50
If you don't mine a little more coding you you can create a beacon or marker with a station attribute.
(remember you have to create the model and texture for the marker and place it into Artemis)

This is what is located in the vesselData.xml (This is listed under one of the enemy races)

<vessel uniqueID="6008" side="6" classname="Cylon Marker" broadType="base">
<!-- the enemy marker -->
<art meshfile="dat/bsg_mod/msh/NCS.dxs" diffuseFile="dat/bsg_mod/txt/NCS.png"
glowFile="dat/bsg_mod/txt/NCS_Glow.png" specularFile="dat/bsg_mod/txt/NCS_Spec.png" scale="0.0015"/>
<shields front="100" back="100" />

this creates the base and marker in the mission it will show the station marker on the radar above the ship so it looks like a station. (NOTICE THE Y AXIS THERE MUST BE A + OR - IN ONE OF THE STATEMENTS SO THE SYSTEM DOES NOT CRASH).

<create type="enemy" x="90772.0" y="0.0" z="51879.0" angle="0" name="Enemy base" hullID="6005" fleetnumber="-1" />

<create type="station" x="90772.0" y="10.0" z="51879.0" angle="0" name="________" hullID="6008" />

then you will have to destroy the maker when the base is destroyed.

<event id_arme="f1c833f7-2a68-4f49-80e0-a712c236f82f" parent_id_arme="5bce05bf-3af5-4872-ba29-7a4555e5fbb6">
<if_not_exists name="Enemy base" />
<if_variable name="EnemyBase" comparator="NOT" value="1.0" />
<destroy name="________" />
<set_variable name="EnemyBase" value="1.0" />

This will give the enemy base the appearance of a station on the radar. This can also be used and a maker for enemy planets or any type of Generic mesh that does not show a marker on any station.

If you have any question I will try to answer them the best way possible.
Dwayne Shaffer C.O.
Vidar GSR 3701
C.D.F. 7th Fleet
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