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Artemis on Mac the EASY way! (PlayOnMac)

posted Sep 01, 2012 14:52:01 by ialex.ryan
Hey everyone! This is my first post here. I just wrote a tutorial for my crew (we all have Macs) on how to run Artemis on the Mac WITHOUT dealing with Wine and Wineskin and VirtualBox and Boot Camp and all that nonsense.

This method uses the excellent and free program PlayOnMac, which does almost all of the work for you. I think you'll like this. (Reposted from the Artemis wiki )


This guide is meant as a complement to the most excellent How to run Artemis on the Mac by MobileMacTech. For anyone who finds that tutorial intimidating or too involved, this is the guide for you. (I've tested this process on three Macs running Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion, and it seems very reliable.) This is really easy and YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO THIS ONCE!

Artemis is a Windows program. It's surprisingly easy to install on a Mac, though.

First, download and install XQuartz. Reboot after the installation is done.

Next, you need to download a program called PlayOnMac that will let you run Windows programs on your Mac. (If you're interested, it's basically a fancy GUI for the Wine project that does most of the work for you.)
Download PlayOnMac link:

Double-click on the downloaded .dmg file to open the disk image. Drag PlayOnMac from the disk image to your Applications folder.
Eject the disk image and then delete the downloaded .dmg file.

Open PlayOnMac from your Applications folder. Don't do anything yet! After a moment it should ask if this is your first time. Say yes, then go through the next few screens to download and install some fonts from Microsoft. Super easy stuff.

After you get back to the main PlayOnMac screen, click the Install (plus sign) icon. Allow the install screen to load and then click on "Install a non-listed program" in the bottom left corner. The manual installation wizard will open.

Select "Install a program in a new virtual drive." Next. Name the virtual drive Artemis. Next. Don't select anything. Next. Wait a while. Click the "Browse" button. Select the Artemis .exe file that you either bought or were given. Next.

Now the Artemis installer will appear. Next. Next. Install. Finish. Select Artemis.exe. Next. Name the shortcut "Artemis". Next. Select "I don't want to make another shortcut." Next.

\\\\\YOU ARE DONE!!\\\\\\

Now you can quit PlayOnMac, go to your Desktop, and run Artemis just like any other application. Happy spacing!

P.S. I like to move the shortcut from my Desktop to my Applications folder so it feels even more like a native Mac app. :P
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fuzzybunny3d said Sep 13, 2012 16:52:52
Wanted to thank you for this tutorial, it does simplify a few steps. It was working great for the first couple nights on my Macbook Air, but now it's become incredibly unstable and crashes on connection to server 80% of the time. Any thoughts?
ialex.ryan said Sep 13, 2012 19:29:02
What sort of crashes? Does it crash while playing the game, or while loading it? Did anything change between when it was working and when it stopped working?
fuzzybunny3d said Sep 13, 2012 19:52:03
It crashes to desktop after I connect to my server, once or twice I think it has crashed loading the game, but predominantly it's while connecting. It was working seemlessly at first, nothing changed as far as I could tell, it just started crashing. I rebooted the computer and reconnected, then it worked again for a couple rounds, and then it crashed, and now it seems rebooting doesn't even work so I'm clueless as to what's going on.
ialex.ryan said Sep 13, 2012 20:42:16
Oof, that's rough. I'm sorry to say that I can't really help you - in fact, if that happened to me, I doubt I could troubleshoot it. Try disconnecting any devices you have connected, like monitors or keyboards, and try again?

If worst comes to worst, I recommend using VirtualBox or Boot Camp - but those, of course, will require a Windows license.

Good luck!
fuzzybunny3d said Sep 13, 2012 21:18:59
Hey well I appreciate the effort. Gonna see if I can time machine it or something and try the whole process all over again. Cheers mate.
PurplePenguin04 said Sep 15, 2012 23:45:34
How do you update after installing this way?
stovn said Sep 17, 2012 20:57:58
Good question PurplePenguil04. I have 1.65 installer and the 1.66 patch. I am a PC guy, but want to have a friend play who has a Mac and will be testing this out later in the week.
dracoc77 said Oct 31, 2012 06:07:24
I've been trying playonmac and wineskin with 1.65 and a macbook pro retina (15") but it always crashes before the main menu after scrolling through loading all of the resource files. Anyone else try either of these methods on a macbook retina yet?
ialex.ryan said Oct 31, 2012 06:11:25
My new machine (as of a week after this post was written) actually is a 15" Retina! I followed the exact steps as I wrote them originally and had no issues. I can't speak to wineskin, as I have no experience with it, but as I understand it it's possible that both of those programs have installed their own versions of Wine which conflict with one another.
northboundtrain.joe said Dec 28, 2012 01:13:23
Any idea how to get the Artemis Engineering Preset Manager to work under PlayOnMac? Thanks!
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