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It's just a simulation? Phew!

posted Aug 30, 2012 14:21:06 by JSpaced
Had our first Artemis game recently. An untested crew, all first-timers. We ran through basic training using a difficulty 1 invasion scenario. We discovered that we like blowing things up. We also discovered that you don't have to tell the helmsman every. single. course. change. sometimes directing them like Big Track, or the class Turtle!

We had a command change, I think because our Captain (his house/his license= captaincy) wanted to push some buttons for a change. We ramped up the difficulty and went for some missions.
Co-operation was top of our list, as well as accomdating each other's needs/ demands. At one point:
Helm: Where do want us positioned? Where do you want to plant the last few shots, weapons or engines?
Weapons: Um..?
Weapons: Right there?

Eventually we hit a roadblock on Trials of Deneb I, with time running out we changed tactics and took the battle to the enemy, instead of reacting to them. We were doing well until:

Capt: Bring us into dock for refuelling.
Helm: Aye sir.
Science: Alien fleet entering the minefield!
Capt: Weapons, do we have a nuke loaded?
Weapons: Yes we do.
Capt: Is the enemy in range?
Weapons: Yes they are.
Capt: Excellent. Wh-
Capt: Did we... did we just fire a nuke while docked?
Science: I think we fired a nuke while docked.
Weapons: You asked those two questions. When you ask those two questions, the next thing you're going to say is fire! That's logical!
Capt: We need to find the balance between taking initiative and doing what you're told!

Re-loading the mission we started doing really well again. As Captain I was always sure to be quick with praise:
Science: Incoming drone!
[Pew!] [Choom!]
Capt: Excellent shooting weapons! I'll see you get a commendation for this.
Weapons: Actually it was the computer. I had it on auto beam.
Capt: Hmm, then the computer gets the commendation, you're fired.

Eventually though, we went from being four guys who had never played before to being four tired but happy nerds, talking about when to play the next one.

Thank you to Thom and everyone else who have made Artemis such a brilliant experience!
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PirateGent said Aug 31, 2012 11:39:53
LOL - yeah we have similar "issues".

Captain: Comms, ask the enemy if they wish to sur....
Weapons: Torps aways
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lordrahvin said Sep 05, 2012 19:24:57
You know, firing weapons without direct orders from the captain is a court martial offense.

You didn't say anything silly like "Fire at will", did you?
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Shades4355 said Oct 07, 2012 03:13:02
"Fire at will," the 3 most dangerous words to ever say to a trigger happy gunner. ^_^;; My crew went through missiles like candy when given that directive.

Captain: [Shades], fire at will.
Weapons: Pst, hey, engineering....can I get more power to my tubes?
Eng: Sure?
*nearly 20 homing missiles in rapid succession, plus one nuke*
Sci: .....All enemies destroyed....
TheoBrinkman said Dec 31, 2012 03:07:53
Heh. I had to give my Weapons officer a stern lecture about reloading *before* watching the missiles hit the enemy.

Three. Times.

I don't want any unnecessary delays where weapons are involved, but apparently he didn't trust the computer to properly aim the things.

I only had to lecture him once to make sure he had a target selected before firing missiles. That lesson he learned, watching our last nuke sail off into the distance. Directly away from the enemy fleet. Fortunately, it didn't hit a station.
PhillipWright said Jan 02, 2013 19:51:14
Part of me is curious about the value of this game as a Team Building Exercise. Something to help groups learn how to communicate effectively with each other.
DanielLPitman said Jan 04, 2013 00:53:09
@PhillipWright.....Yeah, that thought has crossed my mind too. Noticed an interesting correlation/coincidence:

Standard No. of players for Artemis: - 6 (5 stations + 1 Captain)

Standard No. of Kids in a Scout Patrol: - 6 (5 Kids + 1 Patrol Leader)

Standard No. of Kids in a Cub Scout Six: - 6 (5 Kids + 1 Sixer)

Standard No. of players for Ice Hockey: - 6 (5 players + 1 goalie)

Standard No. of players for volleyball: - 6

Mike_Substelny said Jan 04, 2013 18:04:49
@PhillipWright I have used Artemis as a team building exercise in summer camps. It was very successful with boys but some girls didn't like it.
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