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Looking for "trophy" ideas

posted Aug 29, 2012 11:37:39 by JuliusVonWillich
Small heads-up:
So, I just stumbled across this game and quite quickly managed to convince other Computer Science students to try it out (not only from my university). We'll have a conference with CS students from most German universities soon, where we already determine a pirate captain, who gets a plastic hook and a hat, to represent his/her new status.

Sooooo, now we plan to also determine a space captain by Artemis tournament. Got any idea, what the give the winning captain/crew? Thought about badges for the whole crew, adding a year ourselves, but that's still a bit expensive to do every semester.

P.S. If this happens and we got cameras around, I hope to get some vids up (hoping for 6 ship battles)
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nicholascrack said Aug 29, 2012 14:24:24
have everyone pitch in $2. Then use the pool to buy badges for the winners. It shouldn't be a huge issue.
SigbiornSigmundarson said Aug 29, 2012 23:11:54
Put said badges on hats.
JuliusVonWillich said Aug 30, 2012 14:52:17
Put said badges on hats.

You have no idea, how stupid I felt after reading this, for not having this idea myself ...
SigbiornSigmundarson said Aug 31, 2012 00:29:10
I like pointing out the obvious.
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