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Multiple Ships

posted Aug 21, 2012 20:47:47 by ThomasLear

Me and my friend live in different parts of the country and want to have a cross-country game with two ships.

How would we do this? I imagine we'll need to get hold of a server we can both access, but would all the players log onto that, or would we have two LANs that we connect separately to the server?

Thanks in advance for your help - THIS GAME LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!
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GregKurlinski said Aug 21, 2012 23:35:14
Pick one PC to be the Server (for both ships). Best to pick the PC that has the better Internet/CPU/etc. This becomes not only the Captians View for the first ship but also is the server for "everything". Just about any 'current' PC has the horsepower to do this, you do not need a high end dedicated server.

Everyone connect to that one server. the people located in the same room as the server, pick Ship #1, and the various stations for that ship. The people located at the cross-country location would connect to the same server, but pick Ship #2.

It is likely that you will need to put a hole in the firewall of the house that has the server. The info for that can be found in the general install instructions, I beleive, or someone likely will post it here.
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ThomasLear said Aug 22, 2012 08:28:49
Ah cool!! :D

Do you reckon it'd be possible/easier to outsource and buy a slot on a server for a bit to play the game?
GregKurlinski said Aug 22, 2012 16:32:10
perhaps, but there is little reason to. The program costs $40 per SHIP. All 6 people for 1 ship play off the same license.

In other words, one person buys it, and is allowed to copy it to everyone that will be playing on the same 'ship'. If you are wanting 2 ships to play together (up to 6 players on each ship) all you need to get is 2 licenses.
ThomasLear said Aug 22, 2012 19:26:07
Ah brilliant!!!!

Thanks very much for your help!
ThomasLear said Sep 12, 2012 17:24:07
Ok, so we're working on it now. My friend can ping me, I cannot ping him. Thoughts, internet?
JohnKlingbeil said Sep 14, 2012 16:35:48
his firewall
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