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Full bridge build

posted Aug 04, 2012 04:03:02 by StephenMathis
So my friends and I are all fans of Artemis. We get a kick out of how we have to work together to pilot and maintain a starship, and with the added Star Trek Mod, we feel like we are on the bridge of a star trek ship. But my question is, can we take it further? Specifically, can the good people of the forums come together to make it even MORE awesome? And here is my idea:

We build a room, decorated and modeled to look like a bridge that would fit in the Star Trek universe. Complete with LCARS panels, consoles, a viewscreen, and the all important Captain's Chair, etc. That's the easy part. The biggest way to make Artemis more intense, is to have that small room be able to shake around if the ship has been hit by weapons. With the scenery set and the motion of a shaking ship, the players would feel like they are really on a bridge and that they are really being damaged and in peril.

So, to all of you awesome people, how would we do this? How would we make a small room shake around? What would it take? Cheap? Expensive? DIY? Let's see if we can make Artemis even more awesome than
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LeeKeiserII said Aug 06, 2012 01:32:12
I almost added that feature to my sim a few months ago. As you may have seen in the pics of a prior post, my LBE is elevated and is contained within industrial palette racking. While on one of the auction/liquidation sites that I frequent called RepoCast I found some agitators that are used in the back of salt-trucks (used to spread salt on icy roads). These would have been perfect to shake the sim without having it all fall apart. Unfortunately, I wasn't the highest bidder.. :-(
StephenMathis said Aug 06, 2012 02:54:15
That's a good idea. I'm also looking into some more controlled ways of shaking, but I'll look into the agitators. However, my main concern is finding a place to build this, if I even can (money being tight and all right now). I know that has to change before the build, but for now, it's a good mental project. But trying to find a place to build that won't break the bank is my next objective
LeeKeiserII said Aug 12, 2012 18:42:59
What part of the country are you in? I'd love to have some partners in my build... I've got some space and some cash in order to get get the sim I started building finished, but I just can't find the time needed to get things put together... :-(
busby.christian said Sep 03, 2012 11:35:11
I was thinking a little less with motors set up under chairs and desks. If those work I'll add strobe lights/fog machine then sheetrock and paint the "set".
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