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Can we make Artemis MORE epic?

posted Aug 01, 2012 00:32:41 by StephenMathis
So my friends and I are all fans of Artemis Bridge Simulator. We get a kick out of how we have to work together to pilot and maintain a starship, and with the added Star Trek Mod, we feel like we are on the bridge of a star trek ship. But my question is, can we take it further? Specifically, can the good people of Reddit come together to make it even MORE awesome? And here is my idea:

We build a room, decorated and modeled to look like a bridge that would fit in the Star Trek universe. Complete with LCARS panels, consoles, a viewscreen, and the all important Captain's Chair, etc. That's the easy part. The biggest way to make Artemis more intense, is to have that small room be able to shake around if the ship has been hit by weapons. With the scenery set and the motion of a shaking ship, the players would feel like they are really on a bridge and that they are really being damaged and in peril.

So, to all of you awesome people, how would we do this? How would we make a small room shake around? What would it take? Cheap? Expensive? DIY? Let's see if we can make Artemis even more awesome than it already is
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Charlie said Aug 01, 2012 04:33:38
I like your thinking Stephen, this is what we have planned here in Marshall, Mi.

Without making a room to withstand heavy shaking, I plan to mount a couple of (possibly), fan motors in the bridge walls with a blade or two missing. Thom is working on triggering effects and I will tie this into the hull alarm.

Artemis 1701
StephenMathis said Aug 04, 2012 03:57:06
Well if you have bridge walls, it shouldn't be too hard to build a full room and make it solid by giving it a steel frame, then mount the entire room onto some heavy duty springs. Like suspension coils on semi trucks. Then, all we have to do is to push the room from side to side with something. Possible a servo connected to a steel bar with a ball screw. I haven't fully figured that one out. But I'd love ideas. The biggest problem is finding a place to build it....well, that, and having the money to do it
Charlie said Aug 04, 2012 07:11:58
mount the entire room onto some heavy duty springs

I considered doing this but I had to go without, but I may in the future. I've given this a lot thought and I don't think it would take a lot to make guests feel immersed into the environment. With a room on springs the sound alone would have an effect. Then a few motors to give a shake would have a dramatic effect without getting to complex. If I can keep on track I hope to add all that and simulate a teleport experience.
finding a place to build it....well, that, and having the money to do it

I got lucky and stumbled onto Artemis right before I remodeled and I was ready to buy a new PC so all in all I've got maybe 500 dollars into my bridge. That and a few hours of work! Well worth it though to sit on my very own Artemis bridge.
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