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Question for those building custom KeyWiz/iPAC controllers...

posted Jul 20, 2012 15:44:16 by mashiroikaze
I started to get wild ideas in my head lately, and while scrolling through various joysticks and other controls, the thought occurred to me about rotary control or auto-centering controls for helm. Has anyone tried any such experiments, and have they figured out a way to "zero out" the helm maneuvering in their console?

Also of curiosity - has anyone tried to do a memory scrape on the running game to see if commands can be made into macros? That idea came about after seeing this beast and imagining using it to set FTL bearing and range on a custom controller with a separate set of buttons for "Initiate" (SPST under a button guard) and "Confirm" (push-button).
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avbeeri said Jul 21, 2012 00:39:22
I'm waiting for a later release of Artemis with some better keyboard/joystick integration before trying to develop a custom controller for the game. I love the idea of a big button for jump drive.
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