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USFPS River Pre-Flight Testing

posted Jul 11, 2012 16:22:27 by mcewenthemad
The USFPS River is preparing for it's maiden voyage on 2012.07.12 and in preparation the engineering crew at the Reynoldsburg shipyard ran some system tests last night.

Only two testers were on hand to verify that systems were functional. We ran two or three missions to test the systems. All missions were Siege type at difficulty 1.

The first mission was a test of the warp drive, which experienced a jam in the matter and anti-matter injectors. With only a skeleton crew aboard, we had some trouble disengaging warp drive, but eventually we solved the problem. Our Tactical officer discovered just how hard it is to try and target an enemy when you are stuck at warp speed. The lack of a science officer was determined to be a large determent.

The next mission involved testing the new Jump drive instead of the warp propulsion system. As feared, our first just was on course but a bit too far. With more practice your jump drive helmsman was able to make very precise jumps. Again the lack of a science officer was an impact to our efficiency. However the best part was when we jumped near an enemy Battleship and two cruisers and launched a Nuke. After that we only had to finish off the damaged Battleship.

Overall, the shipyard system tests were completed and the ship is now cleared for her maiden voyage. Reports will follow.

(So basically we just tested out our two station computers. We should have all of them Thursday. I was very pleased how easy it was to set the system up and run the simulation. We connected effortlessly and got everything set up. Our first game, while I was at helm, I some how got the ship stuck at warp speed. Eventually I did something to toggle it off and from there out things went better. The Gun cam feature is really cool, but at difficulty 1 missiles are way more effective. I trust that may change as we ramp things up.
Our second or third sortie was with a Jump Drive. Man, I really liked the Jump Drive. It was awesome with the ramp up and the flickering screens post jump. We got pretty good at it later. During this mission we also shot a single Nuke at 3 ships and killed two outright.
I am really psyched about having a full crew later. Thursday should be epic.)

Artemis Class Warship
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