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Enhanced Inputs/Outputs/DMX for LBE running Artemis?

posted Jul 11, 2012 19:24:46 by LeeKeiserII
Lets let our imaginations run wild for just a bit... Lets try to define EVERY *type* of potential physical game enhancement effect that could be utilized in an LBE type environment to add to realism and immersion. Here’s my first draft:

Enhanced Inputs/Outputs/DMX

Ship Damage
-[DMX] Smoke emit / Fog emit
-[DMX] Special Physical Sound (knockers, rattlers, other non-speaker audio)
-[DMX] Rumble / Shaker

Shipboard information
-[DMX] Damcon team status
-[DMX] New received communication
-Damage status
-Engineering alerts (overheating, etc)

-[DMX] Red Alert
-[DMX] Yellow Alert?
-[DMX] Ambient Lighting
-[DMX] Status alert lights

-In-cabin audio volume
-Per station sounds and volume
-[DMX] “Extra” audio triggers and sound effects

-Hailing frequencies (video chat)
-Cut scene’s and other supporting video
-Weapon stores

Controllers / input

Additional computer(s) input/output/audio/video (not directly game-connected)
-Intergalactic library
-Computer training/assistance of the crew
-Extra layers of ambient audio

Much of the list above can be done with DMX. Inputs could be mostly done with keyboard emulation and hot-keys.

If we figure out a fairly comprehensive wish-list of possible enhancements, then group them into control methods, we can get a good grasp of what controls we need for what enhancements...

What LBE style enhancements can *you* dream of that would be appropriate for Artemis?
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drvesuvius said Jul 11, 2012 19:53:10
I was pondering this earlier, though I'm currently TOTALLY out of the LBE construction market.

I was thinking that a cool bridge setup might have panels that, while nonfunctional in terms of the game, would be full of flashing, whirly gizmos that go PING occasionally, purely for decoration and "U iz on a spaceship" immersion factor. If Artemis could output damage status on a system by system basis (or even node by node) you could use that to selectively cut power to those panels as a subtle, almost subliminal damage indictor.

After all, nothing says "we're in deep doo-doo now" like a bank of dead indicator lights, even if you haven't the foggiest what they mean.

Dr V
LeeKeiserII said Jul 11, 2012 20:30:59
Maybe even panels that are station specific. Making the engineering panels flicker or go out at the same time the engineering monitor(s) are showing trouble would definitely get the point across in no uncertain terms..
avbeeri said Jul 12, 2012 23:17:27
The controllers might have the ability to light up various buttons or leds in response to the game state also, if possible.

Just a reminder that the controller input could also have outputs. I'd like that, at least.

(I want to create a custom Arduino-based helm controller which has buttons which illuminate if the shields are on, or if the ship is docking.)
LeeKeiserII said Jul 14, 2012 01:48:36
How will the Arduino interface with the game? DMX? Keyboard emulation? Other?
avbeeri said Jul 14, 2012 13:28:38
I was thinking probably that it would input as keyboard emulation, since it can be treated as a standard keyboard, but I'm not sure how it would recieve outputs. I haven't used one before, so i'm not sure how it could interface, honestly. Just a project i'd like to do, if it was feasible.
MarkBell said Jul 18, 2012 13:56:30
Here's a list of things regarding Ship Status I'd think would be useful for output, via DMX or other, to hardware things (lights, shakers, blinky lights, status lights, etc). There's a bunch of things here, not all of which would be necessarily suited to DMX-512 implementation. On the other hand, with 512 addresses and 8 bits of data per send, it is may be just fine, depending on your implementation. And, since the DMX-512 is an RS-485 implementation, interfacing to custom controllers shouldn't be a big problem with a serial interface converter, of which there are a multitude. All these are mirrored on the actual game screens, but for LBE having redundant info (or a way to trigger hardware during a certain level of overheating, etc) these are the kinds of outputs you'd need. You certainly wouldn't have to use all of them, but having them available would make it more flexible.

Ship Status
---Shields up
---Red Alert
---At Warp/Jumping
---Taking Damage to Shields/Ship

Impulse Speed
Warp Speed / Jump Timer
Current Bearing (+/- a few degrees, have to fit in 8 bits)

Shield Status
----Fore/Aft Strength (percent? actual?)
Beam Status
----Firing (in general)
----Enemy in beam range
Torpedo Status
----Inventory (4 types, total remaining)
----Which Tubes loaded (as many as tolerated in xml, but probably a single address)
----Firing (in general)
Targeting Status - Target selected/not

Power Remaining (these can get big, maybe in 10% or 20% increments to fit in 8 bits)
Coolant Total Available/used
Sub-System Status (8 systems)
---Power Level (5% increments to fit in 8 bits)
---Health percent
DamCon Teams Status (generally 3 teams)

Sensor Range
Sensor Power (from Engineering - 5% increments to fit in 8 bits)
Location Info - Nebula/not
Scan Timer

Incoming Message

These are just outputs. If you can keyboard emulate for inputs, there should be a way to tie those into hot keys.
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Wacko said Jul 18, 2012 18:32:37
I'm really looking forward to this!

I hope to...

1. making the main lights flicker when hit.
2. hook up two rotating red lights to red alert.
3. a fog machine for damage!
4. I have a sliding airlock door, make it work automatically!

I'm already working on most of this for my campaign, it's going to be controlled by the game master with remote controlled power plugs, so I will most likely go forward with that and replace them with DMX controlled plugs instead of devices directly compliant.
MarkBell said Jul 18, 2012 18:53:41
In addition to the bits mentioned above:

I'd love to have status lights for most of the stations, indicating various system information. A good way to have big, visual indicators of different things that can get a bit lost on the screens sometimes.

I'd also love to have shaker motors under folks' chairs for when the ship gets hit - mild for shield impacts and major for hull impacts. Maybe tied into enemy weapon damage total? Fighter shots do nothing, whereas a drone impact or a battlecruiser's main gun really packs a whallop?

MarkBell said Jul 20, 2012 16:42:53
Also also, I might want to have certain displays change depending on what ship is running. So, maybe the unique ID of the ship? It's limited to 0-9 for player ships.
ThomRobertson said Aug 23, 2012 21:14:40
That's a detailed list, Mark. Thank you!
Creator of Artemis
adamyoung616 said Aug 26, 2012 18:08:39
How about a block of C4 under the captain's chair that detonates when the ship is destroyed?

... what. You said EVERY kind of enhancement, and there's nothing more immersion breaking than a Game Over screen :)
Thorn said Sep 13, 2012 01:49:33
Artemis, the game for SEVEN players. The seventh runs around with an air horn during red alerts; shakes crewmen's chairs and viewscreens; slaps random player with a piece of wire loom from bridge damage.
Cmdr.Brandr said Sep 13, 2012 15:11:34
The SEVENTH player also turns out the lights during hyper jumps. This is particularly effective a few beers, in the first time. It was a hoot.

Commander Brandr
Commanding Officer of the ship Calamitous Intent

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curtklinemain said Sep 17, 2012 16:20:01
How about a distant scream when damage control teams lose members?
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