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Lucky 7 crew at Ba-Con 2012

posted Jul 03, 2012 18:09:20 by ThomRobertson
If you and your crew can come to a convention where we (Thom Robertson and associates) are running Artemis, and you win a standard level 7 mission, you too can be part of the Lucky 7s club.

Like this crew:

Lucky 7s club means you get some free stuff, and you get your names placed in honor on the Artemis facebook page.
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BradEly said Jul 03, 2012 18:46:32
Had I known of the cons existence I would have come just for Artemis.

You have any plans to come to dragon con in Atlanta GA this year?
Mike_Substelny said Jul 09, 2012 15:14:00
That's a great victory celebration!
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ThomRobertson said Jul 11, 2012 02:06:43
Stay tuned, Brad. I know I haven't been great about going to all available cons, and telling people about the ones I'm attending. But we're building out a website that will let everyone keep track of Artemis-at-conventions.
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ORION said Sep 01, 2012 02:10:04
Hope there is a convention/event close to west Michigan. Would love to take the challenge.
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JosephBranson said Sep 22, 2012 03:16:14
Just let me know if and (hopefully) when you guys get to Missouri. My Bridge Crew and I will be there.
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FFDilithiumCryst said Sep 22, 2012 06:38:18
Are you kidding me?!

We here in California have no idea what this game really is!
Except the 6 only crews that exist here!
(Actual Calculations via Bridge Crew Comms.; I'm very serious.....)

Most of these crews don't live even near a 50 mile radius from each other......
We need to be introduced!!!!

I'm still in the process in finding/recruiting crew members, darn it!
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