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Sound sensitive lamps

posted Jun 29, 2012 22:24:31 by VictorWir
My dad has these disco light things that pulse to music, when they're on they flash each time there's a loud noise, like dropping something on the floor.

I'm curious if something like that can be used to simulate electric flashes and stuff exploding when the ship is under attack.
Like if you put one next to the speakers and place it down on the floor so it lights up the room from below.
I think it could be really awesome!
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GuyColumboWorthy said Jul 10, 2012 16:00:05
Then STAY TUNED... We are modifying a programmable light show (MIDI BLAZE) to fire off effects. I'll update if/when working.
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LeeKeiserII said Jul 11, 2012 03:12:02
I've got a pair of these DMX controllers: . They have a mic that listens to the ambient sounds and triggers whatever is plugged into its 8 edison-style outlets. There's also a sensitivity knob that can set the threshold. In addition they are DMX controllers! Thom's recent post in this forum looks like DMX support is coming soon!
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