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After modifying vesselData.xml server crashes on difficulty other than 1. (solved)

posted Jun 11, 2012 16:34:52 by Altaem
I've been creating my own mod with the intention of completely replacing all ships in the game.
Created a new player ship model adding a corresponding entry in vesselData.xml.
Tested it in battle, everything appears fine.
Duplicated the entry, same model, different weapons layout.
Tested fine.
Deleted all previous player ship entries, still all appears well.
Copied my ship into the hostile ships section, adding data for AI and replacing internal data with impulse and maneuver points.
Removed all previous hostile ship entries to ensure mine would turn up.

Tested, had a great time battling my own creations.
Noticed that it had been a really hard battle even though I'm testing on difficulty one.
Realized hostile ship beam values scale with difficulty and changed their values accordingly.

Attempted to test on difficulty 5 only to have the server hang immediately.

I'm going to manually recreate my vesselData.xml file testing at higher difficulty levels after each step in an attempt to locate the problem.

If anyone knows what data could be causing the crash I'd greatly appreciate the answer.
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Altaem said Jun 11, 2012 16:51:57
Looks like deleting hullrace "Skaraan" was a bad idea. I should probably create my own elite opponents to replace them.
MarkBell said Jun 11, 2012 16:55:16
I actually had a similar problem, but it was with support races. I think the game looks for elite and support enemies to load in past difficulty 1. Once I had any races marked as such (enemy support) or (enemy loner elite) it has been working just fine.
Altaem said Jun 11, 2012 17:17:56
Thanks! I recreated the support and elite entries and now it appears to be working fine.
Doesn't even mind that I've got elite as race id 5 but no race 4.

Don't know if I needed small, medium and large ship sizes for each race, but I've included them too just to be on the safe side. (It's just one model used for every ship, but it's a start)
MarkBell said Jun 11, 2012 17:55:57
Nice! I don't think you do, as I've had mine running with an assortment of sizes for all different types. At the moment, I've got a single ship as support and a single ship for elite for each of my 3 or 4 races. I'm running a Star Trek mod, and my race declaration looks like this:

	<hullRace ID="0" name="Starfleet" keys="player"/>
	<hullRace ID="1" name="Starfleet" keys="friendly"/>
	<hullRace ID="2" name="Klingon" keys="enemy standard"/>
	<hullRace ID="27" name="Klingon" keys="enemy support"/>
	<hullRace ID="29" name="Klingon" keys="enemy loner elite"/>
	<hullRace ID="3" name="Romulan" keys="enemy standard"/>
	<hullRace ID="37" name="Romulan" keys="enemy support"/>
	<hullRace ID="39" name="Romulan" keys="enemy loner elite"/>
	<hullRace ID="4" name="Dominion" keys="enemy standard"/>
	<hullRace ID="49" name="Dominion" keys="enemy loner elite"/>
	<hullRace ID="5" name="Cardassian" keys="enemy standard"/>

I don't have elites and supports for each race, but I've got 'em for most. The game doesn't care that the race names are identical, which makes randomizing enemy groups much more interesting in the mission editor. Invasion mode doesn't look at race name when generating enemy groups, just race ID and type. Nothing like a pack of Klingons with a Romulan Warbird as support :P

This hullRace ID scheme helps keep my ship Unique ID's separate - all Klingons start with 2, standards are 20xx, support are 27xx, elite are 29xx. Not that I have anywhere near 100 ships, let alone thousands, but it's convenient.
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