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Linear Accelerators

posted Jun 08, 2012 02:26:18 by fcbfromdtw
I would love to see Linear accelerator weapons in the game. Whether it is a chemical propellant weapon, rail gun, coil gun or gravity-effect weapon, it all works on the same concept: firing a solid projectile at high speed. This allows use to address the trope of such weapons in games such as Mass Effect, Battletech or Battlestar Galactica. It would also give captains and weapons crew members another tactical option in a battle and further expand the gameplay.

Proposed usage:

The weapon will be a high skill weapon that can be fired manually or on prompting by the computer after receiving a firing solution. In all cases, coordination between the helm and weapon stations will be necessary, due to the fact that the cannon will have a narrow arc of fire.

Engineering power settings would affect one of the following

A) Increased power increases damage and reduces flight time
B) Increased power increases rate of fire

Not all ships would have a main rail cannon.

Main cannon also has a very narrow cone of fire, less than 10 degrees.

Cannon shot is not guided, but the shot is incredibly fast. Current (as of 2012) railguns can fire at around 6km/s. For the sake of not having to track shots, effective range would be around 12k (two seconds of flight time).

Anyone have any other thoughts on this?
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Hissatsu said Jun 08, 2012 07:12:26
Rail guns ftw :)

It could take a special torpedo tube slot, meaning its fired just like a torpedo, by clicking a button, can be fired without a target lock (then it flies straight) or with a target lock (but then again narrow arc makes sense).

You have to think about making it different somehow, and not overpowered at the same time... With your proposed distance of 12k, it IS overpowered as hell (and very hard to aim, considering helms and weapons only sees up to 5km)
fcbfromdtw said Jun 08, 2012 12:47:26
Hissatu: I was going to start trying to play around with fast torpedoes as a test case like you said, but I haven't really started yet.

With the range, it's for shots that continue past the target, it's not meant to be used outside of the combat arc. Without any homing capabilities it would be nearly impossible to hit anything outside of the normal 5-6k range for missiles. Still, you might have a happy accident if you miss your target and hit something far past your original target.

For the lock, just set it up so that when helm has the heading in such a way that the shot should hit (a straight line from the ship within that arc would intersect where the target WILL BE when the shot gets there), if the target continues on the vector, it indicates that the weapon should fire. Little square that says 'On Target' or something.

I would like to see it as a separate weapon than torpedoes, much like I'd prefer to see mines handled distinctly from torpedoes but since the mines use torpedo tubes as well, it could just be equally valid to have the rain guns just be very fast dummy missiles.
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fcbfromdtw said Jun 08, 2012 12:49:54
Of course, I just kinda realized that having them use the same slot as Torpedoes would make the Missile frigate a monster.
fcbfromdtw said Jun 11, 2012 23:49:19
On reviewing other tropes from other series, it could be especially fun to have the cannons mounted 90 degrees to port, so that it has to be fired from broadside.
Toni said Jun 27, 2012 12:33:08
Depending on where this game goes, you could have turrets (think WW2 battlehip), fixed weapons and all kind of things in between.

Now coil/rail guns..mass drivers in general..have some pros and cons.

- virtually unlimited range
- "bullets" are hard to detect
- incredible destructive potential (depending on caliber and power)

- require ammo
- short EFFECTIVE range
- less accurate than laz0rs

I say yes.
LukeLeimer said Jul 01, 2012 20:19:30
With updates to the science station to give it some sort of target motion analysis to where you can plot long range firing solutions, this may be OP, but it's be fun as hell. Plus, even within 5k, it's still at the same standoff range torpedoes are, making it roughly a single target nuke...

I say give it its own weapon slot a limited number of shots (like nuke limited), a charge up time before it can fire (3-7 seconds depending on engineering) and have it drain additional energy to while charged so you either have to fire it, power it down, or spend precious time/energy lining up the shot...

And also give it unlimited range and massive damage... because you then have to be very careful of what may be behind it if you miss...

As explained here:
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VictorWir said Jul 01, 2012 20:31:47
I definitely agree on long range weapons, not necessarily a railgun.
Long range engagements are really fun since it takes planing and skill, and there's a lot of anticipation and excitement being built up during the planing phase.
mcewenthemad said Jul 11, 2012 16:31:49
HEy gang,

I was just thinking we need Mass Drivers.

From what I see above, I am fan of the following ideas.
1. Should be it's own weapon.
2. I think needing a firing solution would be awesome. Slows down how fast you can fire, and takes multiple stations (maybe?)
3. Drains power, that seems to be pretty common.
4. Heavy hitter, long range, very narrow arc. This kind of ties in with the firing solution.
5. I like the idea of some ships having axial guns and other having broadside banks. It would be a very different experience to fight with a ship armed with broadsides.

Overall great ideas.
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MarkBeckwith said Jul 11, 2012 20:17:00
you could do a turret and have the weps have guidelines on the tac screen Navyfield style. You could do that with beams as well though. in general I would prefer a manual fire system and near unlimited range. you could have the science station plot a projected course though,that would give you the effect of a firing solution without taking away the shoot from the hip option.
TaigiaReilly said Mar 13, 2013 06:03:05
Yes. I like this very much. I've always loved the idea of a rail gun type weapon. Firing a big ass slug of tungsten at an enemy ship at a percentage of the speed of light. Pure kinetic force shaking their shields and punching holes in there hull.
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TaigiaReilly said Mar 14, 2013 06:03:01
Doesn't anyone else want to see this wonderful bit of technology used in Artemis for the killing of aliens?
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