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Origins fan, recruiting friends into a crew soon.

posted Jun 04, 2012 15:41:45 by wolfstar76
After stalking Thom at Origins all day Friday and Saturday, I'm back home now and will be assembling a crew amongst my interested friends.

Hope to get everyone assembled and playing tonight or tomorrow night through a training mission or two (we'll be playing over Teamspeak, and I'm so spoiled now after having been at Origins and being able to just look over at someone's screen to see the info I wanted that this should be pretty difficult).

But I wanted to stop in, say Hello, and get to know people.
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wolfstar76 said Jun 04, 2012 15:46:46
Not sure if this is something that would deserve its own thread or not, so before I go spamming the forums, I'd also like to gauge any interest people might have.

I own and operate my own TeamSpeak 3 server (unlike Ventrillo it's 100% free if you're not for profit), and I'd be happy to devote a virtual server to the Artemis community.

There are a handful of neat things that TS3 can do to facilitate ship-to-ship communications, without having each bridge crew spamming over each other (allowing each ship it's own comm channel, and giving key people cross-channel communications, for example).

If this is something people would like to explore, I'd love to become the official unofficial TeamSpeak server for Artemis fans. :)
Mike_Substelny said Jun 05, 2012 18:38:39
Welcome Wolfstar.

Thank you for offering TeamSpeak. From your description I cannot understand the advantage. But if you think it would be cool, I suggest that you make a Youtube video of your crew using it to communicate with another crew and post a link in these forums. If the video looks cool you will probably have a lot of takers.
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