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Scripting and other requests.

posted May 18, 2012 23:50:12 by Will C
I just barely started playing this, after reading about it at Penny Arcade. I enjoy it very much and am looking into making scripts for my friends to run.

I want to have a way to execute a command if a ship is scanned in the script. The possibilities are endless on how this could help. Have ship turn hostile. Have ship surrender. Lots of use could be done with this. Display a message of what cargo was found on the ship if the ship was scanned within a certain range.

It would be nice if there was a way to set some additional info on a ship that displays on the Sci Officer's selected ship or the captain's map's selected ship. I could use this to identify what cargo was found on the ship when scanning it.

I would also like to have enemy stations. I am not sure if this is possible yet. In some scripts, I am planning on having enemy ships spawn every so often until the enemy stations are destroyed. Until we do have this option, I could work around this by having enemy ships that have no movement capability.

If there is more than one player ship in a script... I need to be able to identify which one is which for scripts made for multiple players.

I also found a discrepancy in 1.652. The help on the helm says AWSD is movement... but that is not correct. D is dock and S is shields. It would be nice for a future update if we could customize our keyboard controls.

I am tempted to look at the messages that get sent from client to server and vice versa for different stations and make my own user interface that sends messages to the server. This could make the user interface a moot point.

Will C
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Mike_Substelny said May 19, 2012 05:30:34
There is an if_player_is_targeting which determines if Weapons has locked onto a ship, but the scripting system doesn't have much for Science.

The current scripting system is not compatible with multiple player ships.

You can use the warning pop-up messages for the Science Officer. It works fine but it must be passive - - - based on range, position, weapons lock, etc. These are things triggered by other stations. Right now the Science Officer can't trigger any events.
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TimC said May 19, 2012 09:34:38
If you want to customize your keys, there's a tool to do this at
For the other issues you'd be better off posting in the mission scripting forum - if you click Edit on the original post you can move it there
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Will C said May 20, 2012 06:08:56
I know about the extender... However It doesn't do everything I want. If I write a client for this I will probably make it a dll and allow people to use it if they want to write their own interface.
Will C said May 20, 2012 06:16:50
Where do you see that documented Mike? I didn't see it in the 1.50 document that is stickied at the top of scripting. Is there a more up to date list on available xml statements for Artemis?
aodendaal said May 20, 2012 08:51:58
In the root of the installed game is mission-file-docs.txt with the latest information
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Will C said May 20, 2012 15:32:55
Thank you aodendaal. I will look at that.
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