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Artemis Universe

posted May 16, 2012 04:29:46 by Morganstern
Ok, story time then crazy idea time:

I see a lot of individual crews having their own adventures, but I don't see anything uniting these crews in a cohesive universe (other that posting the stories on this forum). It reminded me of another game, Warhammer 40k, where you would go and fight your individual battles but there was only this nebulous link to the greater overarching storyline. However, every summer they used to have a big campaign where your battles would count towards objective for your faction, and there was this online map where neat things would happen if you and your allies won enough games. It was substantially cool.

Here enters the crazy idea. What if I were to make such a site for Artemis? Individual crews could register their ships, then go on the missions from the site. Afterwards they would document their mission outcome, thereby effecting an overall campaign. Then after a certain period of time the campaign would end and the points would get tallied, then a new campaign would start based on the outcome of the last and along the way we could create this whole big fleet and a universe of interacting stories.

To add variety, crews could register their ships with a specific specialty. There could be combat ships and exploration ships, as well as medical and scout vessels. There would be missions for all classes of ships, but there would also be special missions for each of the specialties to let them do cool stuff along their chosen lines.

It's still really in the planning stages, but I wanted to take a sounding from the community before I went crazy with it. So, what do you think?
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JosephBranson said Oct 19, 2012 05:13:14
If you haven't already, check the Artemis wiki. Good stuff in there.
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PerfectDuck said Oct 19, 2012 08:14:49
My crew is completely down for it. A little bit of correspondence can go a long way to make it all feel bigger.
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TreChipman said Oct 19, 2012 08:41:42
Lee, here's what I've currently going on the data model:

(This is where we store characters, not players)


*Profile ID is tied to a different table that stores the actual user's (real world) info, not the character's info.

(This is where we store what happened in the mission)


**List of bridges involved in the session

Bridge Instance
(This is where we store where the characters work during a particular session)


*** The bridge ID; each bridge should be assigned a unique number
****Selectable from Crewmember table, delimited by faction

All of these sessions would have unique IDs, so a specific mission would be tied to a Session, which would be tied one or more bridges, each of which would be a bridge instance containing several crewmembers.

There should be a larger Universe table as well; these will be instanced versions globalized mods/game universes that keep track of overall victories/defeats among multiple bridges against preset victory conditions (E.G.: Universe 48 is stock Artemis, and the first faction to make it to 20 victories/accumulate 20 victory points wins). This enables a "league" type ongoing war situation.

I'm still building it out, but I'd love to hear any feedback or suggestions!
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GregoryWalek said Oct 20, 2012 03:27:51
Joe, that's an addition as a class type of mission if the mission write up format can't account for ship class differences or rewards for using a scout over a dreadnaught can't be figured out.

I'm curious how many of you out there write missions already, are learning to, or plan to.
GregoryWalek said Oct 20, 2012 03:51:20
Tre, I feel the role play \ character should be kept apart from one's knowledge and skill playing the game. We should always be tracking a players stats, regardless of character they are playing.

JessiahKinder said Oct 21, 2012 22:27:19
I like the living campaign idea however I don't see that having the real world and the game map being tied together would really add anything to the game. In Gray hawk it made some sense but in a setting as vast as a galaxy it makes little sense to me. What I would like to see is the week in between play representing travel on the map at what ever speed the ship is capable of depending on warp its warp drive. At the end of the week the crew could use "Long range scanners" to look at what is going on near by and you could decide what direction to travel in until the next week. I would also like to see a system where the crew would start our with a weak junk ship and over time with repairs and trading they could rebuild or buy a new hull all together. The sky is the limit when you combine table top rules with a battle system like this. There are plenty of other things that could be done to make this a truly great system to play artemis.
LeeKeiserII said Oct 23, 2012 16:10:53
Tre: Looks like a good set of data so far... What do you envision for the interface to the data?
TreChipman said Oct 25, 2012 05:38:25
Thanks for the comments, folks.

Greg, it's pretty easy to aggregate data from the character level up to the player level, but much harder to do if you track things from the other way around. I don't really know if there's any actual value in knowing that Player X had Y total wins, or that Player X's character had Z character wins, but I'd rather achieve a level of resolution that makes that distinctive should that somehow become important.At the character level, I'm thinking of adding something like a sector/fleet designation as well, so you can say something like "Player Bob is the best overall helmsman in the game, but his character, J'gar, is only the 3rd best helmsman in the Torgoth 3rd Defense Fleet, but his other character, Norm, is the best tactical officer in the TSN's Beta Sector."

Lee, I see it working on either a Flash or HTML based interface. In my ideal (but woefully underfunded) world, entering players would be handed tablets running either of the two in a kiosk environment that are slaved to a particular station (e.g. "Oh? You're tactical? Here's the tactical tablet. Check out the video on how to run the tactical station after you enter your info or log in with your existing account.") which would do some of the heavy lifting for them.

My thinking is that the GM/Admin running the sim would set each tablet (each pre-defined to a station, although that could be an additional variable as well) to a bridge and session.The players would log in as their character,and the game would begin. After the game finishes, the GM/Admin would 'close' the game which would trigger a localized Perl script (or something suitable) that would generate an After Action Report for each crew member by scanning the log file (this is where you'd have to put in a lot of extra stuff into the missions, like when a ship or station gets destroyed; it'll be a pain to redo missions, but you'd be able to do things like assign mission objective values ([Destroy]) and stuff) and update the centralized database accordingly with the results.

I'm still working out the details, but the preliminary data model is in place and working. I just need to build a way to talk to it.
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I'm not a mad scientist. I'm an angry one. You'd be wise to fear the latter.

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GregoryWalek said Oct 27, 2012 01:02:17
I think we're saying the same thing in different ways. If I'm wrong in saying it, then you're right. The Example you gave is dead on what I was trying to explain.

Do you have an SQL database somewhere? It's not hard to pass data back and forth from the DB and Flash using php\SQL. I have code examples of both the ActionScript and php.
StephenFletcher said Nov 18, 2012 04:09:02
love THIS idea similar to a post i was reading about the Artemis universe as a whole, The second i got this game Ive been pulling information off the Artemis Wiki and other user created content into a book to eventually make a " collector edition" for my friends. with all the stations put together to look like a military training manual role the different stations, on pull out maps, the grid with all the different types of ships even fake Characters made from aliens with background etc. The one im working on ow has alien mug shots, names date of birth things of that nature.
NigelTurk said Dec 26, 2012 23:43:37
Saw this as I was trolling around. While I have to admit I was just skimming in the midst of company, this looks BEAUTIFUL. Seeing as how this hasn't been updated in a while, I figured I'd give it a bump.
Astrotorical said Dec 27, 2012 00:12:31
same here, Its so hard to find a crew locally
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