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Quick game

posted May 15, 2012 04:43:45 by Raymond
I just bought the game and like a good and proper gamer I would like to jump right in and start playing. I have done a few solo mission but I would love to play with some other people and get a feel for how working with a crew changes the game. Are there any standard methods for finding games out there and people to play with? Also if anyone if up for playing now (4:42am Tuesday 14/5/2012 (GMT) ) I'd love to give it a go.
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dhmholley said May 15, 2012 12:23:25
I'm not sure there's any standard method for matchmaking with other players over the internet yet, though that's probably something the game or the community will need at some point.

What might work would be some sort of persistent chat or IRC channel. Maybe something official integrated as part of this website or the wiki? The forum moves a bit too slowly for this right now.
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Charlie said May 15, 2012 14:30:23
Hey, Raymond sorry we missed you. I usually post a mssg in Bridge Crew Comms/Game on!!...
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