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Multiple Player Ships - Issues

posted May 12, 2012 05:33:09 by Surumon_White
So, I've made a mission and I'm actually getting close to having a beta ready for you guys (surprise, surprise). The big thing with the mission though is having multiple player ships for at least two bridge crews.

Here's the crux of the issue I'm having. I create two players like thus:

  • <create type="player" x="53146.0" y="0.0" z="91359.0" angle="0" name="Artemis" />
  • <create type="player" x="48486.0" y="0.0" z="93456.0" angle="0" name="Interpid" />

However, no matter what I try - The second player ship does not respond to input from the players assigned to it. The players assigned to the Artemis control the Intrepid and the players in the Intrepid can't control their own ship. If they disconnect and reconnect, it spawns a new Intrepid on the far corner of the world map.

Either I'm missing something here, or it's broken at this time. Input would be very welcome.
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Hissatsu said May 13, 2012 19:33:52
Missions dont work for more than one player right now. There's a lot of commands that apply only to "player" without ability to specify which player. Plus the problem you found. Its just not supposed to work yet.
Surumon_White said May 13, 2012 20:03:05
I was sort of figuring things haven't advanced to that stage yet.

But, for the time being you can get a 2-ship mission to work and still call events to target something called "Intrepid" or any other player ship name if it uses a targeted event like creating objects or setting shield strengths, etc. Other players in a different ship must click ready to play twice to get the game to spawn them. It'll place them next to the first space station in the sector. Players from ship one will have to go back to the console selection and hit ready to play again to get the other ship to show the proper name (otherwise it looks like there are two ships named Artemis).

That's the best work around so far, hope it helps others. I will continue to research it.
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