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Artemis on 5/11 Penny Arcade Report

posted May 11, 2012 14:24:02 by tallasse
For anyone who doesn't read Penny Arcade, PA Report's Ben Kuchera wrote an editorial detailing Artemis' features, community, and of course, Thom - speaking with Ben about his goals and vision of Artemis. It's a pretty nice read. Congrats on the exposure!

The PA Report - Artemis allows six people take the bridge of a starship, and tell their own story
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edmundrw said May 11, 2012 15:18:39
"My relationship with the Artemis fans is very rewarding and nourishing" - that's US, you guys. We love you too, Thom!
Kobolds said May 11, 2012 16:50:16
Now all we need is to get Total Biscuit to do a WTF on this.
Mike_Substelny said May 14, 2012 13:24:03
This is great publicity. Too bad the PA forums over-reacted to Thom's comment about stories. I think I'll stroll over there and try to calm things down.
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