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Edinburgh Artemis Event

posted May 07, 2012 00:50:27 by Kobolds
Hello UK Artmeis fans,

I'd like to announce an Artemis event in Edinburgh on Friday the 18th of May, about two weeks from now. We're going to be running at Heriot-Watt University from 7pm-10pm. We're aiming to get the machines and crew to fully run three ships, with provisions for a fourth crew to get involved if we get enough interest.

We already have quite a bit of interest and would like it very much if nearby fans came along to get involved. We're also advertising to the local and nearby gaming societies, and are hoping to introduce new people to the game, so far those who have tried it love it!

We're booking enough rooms so that each ship can have their own room, with comms relaying orders between ships over a Teamspeak server to help the feeling of seperate ships.

If you're interested in joining in, just send me a message and I'll do my best to get you directions to the university and rooms we have booked. If you're happy enough to volunteer to bring a laptop or desktop along with you, to help ensure we have enough machines, that's great, just let me know what you will be bringing.

If this goes down well, we'll be running a few events over the next academic year. We'll probably be running over the weekends to make more time, unfortunately at this time of year we're constrained by the exam season and university ending, so we weren't able to get aweekend booking. Don't worry if you can't make it this time though, there will be more chances!

Right now we're just waiting for final confirmation from the University on rooms, but we're unlikely to have any trouble getting them. I just wanted to make sure you all got the most heads up I could give you.

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GavinSyme said May 08, 2012 16:18:24
deffo in for this

cant wait !!! lol
Kobolds said May 14, 2012 18:11:57
Rooms have been confirmed, this is definitely happening.
GavinSyme said May 14, 2012 20:44:29
good stuff, ill defo bring my laptop, its only good for running stations on, if your short i can bring my desk top also, and hopefully the touch screen monitor i bought turns up before friday
Kobolds said May 14, 2012 21:22:30
No need for the desktop, but we'll happily accept the offer of a laptop for this!
Kobolds said May 17, 2012 14:23:44
Right, as this is tomorrow I should probably post some directions.

Bus Routes
The campus is served by the numbers 25 and 34 bus routes, there is also the 45, but that is very infrequent. The 25 and 45 will drop you off at reception, the 34 will leave you at the main road into campus, you can just follow that in the direction the bus was travelling to come to the turning circle, main bus stop and reception.

By Car
The Edinburgh Campus is easy to access by car from the centre of Edinburgh and from all major routes leading to the city. The University is half a mile from the Calder Junction of the A720 City of Edinburgh by-pass and the A71, and you’ll see signs for Heriot-Watt University on your approach. Visitors to the University should use car park A or B, which will be signposted once you are on university grounds.

From Reception to Artemis
If you walk into reception you can ask any of the staff there which way Mary Burton Room G.20 is, and they will give you directions. If not, take the route to the left of reception, and follow the signs for the library, when you get to a vending machine at the bottom of a half flight of stairs, we're just up there and on the left. If you have anything heavy to carry, it might be an idea to find us first, and we'll send someone to help carry and show you around.
edmundrw said May 30, 2012 11:44:30
Did this happen? How did it go?
GavinSyme said May 31, 2012 15:54:20
yeah it happened,
was a good night, some tech problems at first, there were 3 rooms booked but the network struggled with the distances under load so we ended up with 3 crews in one big room.
highlights for me, being in the intrepid ship and getting the message that the artemis ship has taken heavy damage has no shields,no weapons, no jump drive and next to no impulse engines, no energy or torp left and the best part of half a dozen ships on there arse and we have to save them..... and we did it, got the to a space station and went about our business only 2 mins later get the message that the artemis ship has taken heavy damage has no shields,no weapons, no jump drive and next to no impulse engines, no energy or torp left and the best part of half a dozen ships on there arse and we have to save them....... again lol
edmundrw said May 31, 2012 16:19:25
sounds ace
Kobolds said Jun 06, 2012 15:35:11
Yeah, major technical problems plagued the night, and more than halved the available time we had. I've been neglecting to post back in here because of how off putting that was. There were other interesting technical issues such as a computer that normally serves as the server being unable to receive any connections, even after we sorted out the network and moved people into one room, Teamspeak failing to connect over the LAN, and an ethernet cable that if used kicked everyone off the wireless network.

I still don't know why Artemis would not connect over the wireless at less than excellent signal strength, and next time I try to run this sort of event I'll be booking rooms that are closer together (at the expense of using the nice digital projectors for a main viewscreen. I'll also be testing the hardware more thoroughly, and making sure the server is able to receive connections again.

And as the Artemis Engineer, the reason the Intrepid had to save us twice was because our captain jumped the gun. We hadn't recharged our batteries enough to make the Jump back to DS3, and we dropped out right on top of an enemy cluster. I kept telling him we'd only get halfway, but what does an engineer know over those who attend their fancy pants command school.
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