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Another crash solved

posted May 06, 2012 15:47:29 by ThomRobertson
In the recent release of Artemis 1.65, I failed to include 2 art files. This omission crashes the game when you try to take a look at the Skaraan that used the missing art.

The files have now been included in the 1.30-to-1.65 update pack, available on the download page. The full version for sale has also been updated.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience this weekend, and I really appreciate the help I got in finding this problem.
Creator of Artemis
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avbeeri said May 06, 2012 16:43:03
This is fantastic news.

I wonder if there are any measures you can put in place to make sure you package up all the required files, so that this sort of thing doesnt happen again.
Charlie said May 07, 2012 05:10:19
Bravo, I just loaded up and ran through a game. Worked great, I was a panic with my favorite game down. Whew, crisis over. Thanks again!!!
Hissatsu said May 07, 2012 19:55:41
Yes, Thom, i suggest making the game spit some sort of warning (that wont break full screen), not error, when texture isnt found (and use blank texture instead).
Also, maybe make a simple tool that checks if every texture and model mentioned in vesseldata.xml is present, so this problem doenst happen again. I dont think it'll take more than 5 minutes to make such tool, and it will save lots of trouble tracking such problems down and will 100% prevent them.
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