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Scripting Questions from v1.65

posted May 01, 2012 03:35:14 by Cmdr.Brandr
While this may seem a bit repetitive, once again Great Update Thom! I love the new features especially the space whales.

Which brings me to my question...
When using the create command for whale generation do I have to have a command for each whale I want in the pod or is there a parameter I am not cluing on? Also, what associates a group of whales together the podnumber or the name or both?

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Hissatsu said May 02, 2012 06:41:48
From what i found, name is just what it is - the name. Pod number is considered to be 0 when left blank, and all whales with same pod number meet each other and then travel together. You have to create each whale individually.
Mike_Substelny said May 02, 2012 23:32:25
Whales are named objects so each one needs its own create block.
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