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looking for a place on a crew

posted Apr 16, 2012 20:09:05 by GavinSyme
hi guys i downloaded the game a couple weeks ago and have been playing over the internet with a couple guys i used to play mmo's with.
So iv not had the chance to play with a full crew yet so if any one is sorting out a game any time soon and there short a player give me a shout.
im based in Edinburgh, uk and im online more or less all the time out of office hours
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Kobolds said May 02, 2012 13:37:38
Hey Gavin,

I've just started running Artemis events at Watt-Gamers in Heriot-Watt University, so we're only a bus ride away for you. The downside is you may have to pay membership to join in, but it's only £2, the bus fare there and back will skin you more, and you get a few bonuses.

While we're probably not going to run any more sessions this academic year we'll be up and running again next year, I'll post here when we do. Our last attempt had no publicity behind it and we still managed to get an eight player game going, it was my first go with a full crew compliment. Next year I'll be looking at setting up something a bit more complex, different ships in different rooms so the comms officer can co-ordinate between them over TS3 or something.
GavinSyme said May 02, 2012 22:01:44
sounds like a plan, tho im not a student, so not sure if that would factor in with your uni etc ,the membership would not be a problem and iv got a car so can travel.
cant wait
Kobolds said May 03, 2012 09:31:47
Students societies aren't just for students, this one in particular often seems like it has more non-student members than student members.

I'm looking to set another set of Artemis games in about two weeks time, just finding out when the rooms are available, but we'll have something out of office hours.
Kobolds said May 07, 2012 00:51:39
Posted an Artemis event to the Bridge Crew forum if you're interested.
jonatan.kilhamn said Jun 01, 2012 11:44:57
Hey Gavin, we're playing in Gothenburg (just one time-zone from yours iirc) next Thursday, June 7. We'd start up at 17:00 our time (so 16:00 your time). Interested?
GavinSyme said Jun 01, 2012 17:26:05
defo interested, whats your thoughts on putting it all together ?
jonatan.kilhamn said Jun 01, 2012 23:20:14
I hadn't originally thought about people connecting from afar, but we should be able to make it work. Right now we have just a little more than six people confirmed to show up, so we'd be one full ship with rotating spectators or two half-full ships with a single captain (which we've done before). However, if you and maybe someone else calls in we might get a second ship going. And if we have one player not in the room, there's not much stopping us from having some more.

Since we're not exactly sure about who's showing up, and wince we'll probably want to switch around between ships and stations a little between flights, you'll simply have to be available when we put everything together. It's set to start at 17, so everyone will probably be connected and running by 18. Somewhere in that preparation time is your time to fire up TeamSpeak or something like it and get with the others.

Oh, we'll probably be doing much of the communication in Swedish, but having to give orders in English should just be fun.
jonatan.kilhamn said Jun 04, 2012 17:12:56
Okay, I've been talking to some of my crew, and they don't think connecting one person from afar to a local ship is going to work. However, we have another proposal: if you can handle a ship on your own, we'd love to have you check in using a one-man Scout to help us out! We'll be manning two or three ships here in Gothenburg, so your scout would be the third or fourth ship.

If anyone else wants to join in, you can talk about manning a ship with only non-local crew members and join in on our flight. The only thing we want to avoid is mixing in non-present crew members with ones in the same location.
Mike_Substelny said Jun 05, 2012 18:41:37
In my experience it is possible to function with a remote player, but it's a little less fun. You could consider having the engineer play remotely, simulating the idea that his/her station is in the "engine room" and the captain or Comms officer must call to issue orders.

I have seen a pretty good use of a remote player as a Game Master. For that to work the Game Master should be an Artemis expert.
"Damn the torpedoes! Four bells, Captain Drayton!"

(Likely actual words of Admiral David Farragut, USN, at the battle of Mobile Bay. Four bells was the signal for the engine room to make full steam ahead).
GavinSyme said Jun 05, 2012 20:02:58
lol the irony, stick the Scottish bloke in the engine room, never seen that before......

on an other note ill speak with the guys iv been running over the net games with and see if a can get a 3 man crew to run a scout ship on the day,
would add a different element to the game if scanning range was minimal and the scout had to run around looking for the "baddys" for the main ship to deal with

iv got a paid up hamachi server for 30 connections (not that we would need that many) for linking to your server. can use team speak or even just skype to send voice or text messages ?
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