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GameCon Memphis Mission!

posted Apr 08, 2012 02:46:49 by greylond
GameCon Memphis is 9/28-9/30/2012 and we are planning to have space for at least two bridge setups. Registration is now open at

If you are one of the crews bringing the ship setup, please register as a GM.
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kwadroke said Apr 08, 2012 06:14:59
Cmdr Brandr and I will be bringing the setups for the entire weekend.

I tried going to the main page and it says "We are no longer accepting registrations for this event. Thank you."
Please contact me at artemis _AT_ to let me know how we need to sign up.

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greylond said Apr 08, 2012 12:57:07
Ok, I reported the issue to our webmaster. It will be fixed soon, I'll post here and send you an email when GM Registration is working. Thanks,
Cmdr.Brandr said Apr 10, 2012 21:05:21
Okay, I registered myself and Darth Charles for bringing one ship. Kwadroke, I assumed you would register yourself and your assistant.
Commander Brandr
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greylond said Apr 15, 2012 02:30:10
GameCon Memphis Registration is open for players and GMs!

If you are bringing a Artemis ship setup, please limit the GMs to two per ship setup and plan on working 12 hours(3 4 hour game slots) each. We are open for the entire length of the Con from 2pm on Friday to 6pm on Sunday. If you are GMing for Artemis, please pre-reg on the website as soon as possible so when we do the game floor layout we'll know how much space to reserve. We are still working on where we are going to have the ships. If you came to ShadownCon, we use the same Hotel and same space but we have ALL the ballrooms opened up into one big room. We aren't sure where we are going to put the Artemis ships yet though. We may put them in one of the conference rooms so the Artemis crews can be as loud as they want. We may put it in a conference room to be able to secure it so the Command Crew can get some sleep. We use the same security people as ShadowCon and MidsouthCon so they are already familiar with the Artemis setup and with the need for security.

I expect it to be a hit again and have people playing it for as long as y'all can run the setup. There are some people that I know here that haven't seen it live yet and when I mentioned it, they got excited.

Thanks again to everyone for introducing us to Artemis and we are looking forward to seeing you at GameCon!

Will Duty
aka Greylond
Gaming Department
GameCon Memphis
kwadroke said Apr 15, 2012 03:22:28
I just registered myself and Talari. Cmdr Brandr has already got his registration in. We should be good to go.
greylond said Apr 15, 2012 03:53:38
GREAT! Again, thank you guys so much! The local gamers/SciFi people here who have seen it or heard about it are really impressed with Artemis.

Tell any of your crew that we are always in need of Volunteers and it is a good way to get a discount on their badge price!
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