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I'm paying for Mission Scripts!

posted Mar 28, 2012 15:35:33 by ThomRobertson
I've REALLY wanted to package and sell Mission Paks for Artemis, but building mission scripts isn't easy, and I'm not much of a writer. So I've decided to start buying mission scripts.

1) $50us for a completed mission script
2) complexity is similar to the existing mission "Waning Dark"
3) no actual voice acting is required, and if you put it in, don't put in more than 1 minute total
4) start by emailing me your concept for the mission, so we can shape it before you begin work
5) email me with bugs, questions, and updates for YOUR script as you make it
6) when you and I agree the script is done, you get the payment
7) I can then use the script anyway I want, but I'll always give you credit for writing the script

I intend to take 5 scripts and sell them together as a package for $5, on my website and at conventions.

If you wish to sell me a script, please email me your concept idea (to Thanks!
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TreChipman said Mar 28, 2012 22:37:21
"I love this plan and I'm excited to be a part of it." -- Dr. Peter Venkman
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edmundrw said Mar 29, 2012 12:58:50
I think this is a great idea -it provides the end users a level of assurance of quality and as such should reduce the legwork one has to do to find and play good scripts -so it's well worth the $5 from a consumer perspective.
dhmholley said Mar 29, 2012 17:07:51
Just one quick question: do you have a deadline by which you'll be accepting proposals? I want to put something together but I also want to make sure it's as high quality as possible.
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ThomRobertson said Mar 30, 2012 17:00:07
No, no deadline, but I can't pay for 100 scripts, so if I get enough, I'll discontinue the offer. I'll post plenty of updates about this program, so if I DO discontinue, it won't be a surprise.
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lpaulleblanc said Apr 03, 2012 00:41:44
So me and a couple of friends are working on a script right now, but we're unsure of whether you would like actual code, or just a mission script, outlining the basics of the mission so someone could program based on that.
ThomRobertson said Apr 03, 2012 01:09:53
unsure of whether you would like actual code, or just a mission script, outlining the basics of the mission

I'm not going to make the script for you, but for starters I want you to email me your concept so I can help guide you toward a successful finished mission.

I think your post shows that you're a bit confused, and think a "script" is like a movie script, with nothing but dialog and story. When I say script, I'm talking about a mission script written in XML, following the info laid out in "mission-file-docs.txt", ready to be played in the game. That IS, for all intents and purposes, code.
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