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Russian crew taking on Difficulty 11

posted Mar 21, 2012 20:55:26 by Hissatsu

I'd like to share the first video i managed to finally record of our playthrough. Its in russian, unfortunately, since i'm from Russia and all my friends speak russian (and not every one of them speaks english).

After beating difficulty 10 several times in a row on siege and double-front layout (using light cruiser) and finding no reasonable way to beat diff 11 with a light cruiser, we decided to attempt difficulty 11 (single-front) with a more powerful ship, chosing a dreadnought (which, given my crew havent yet mastered mine-dropping, and prefer close-combat, is a less powerful ship compared to a battleship, which has more frontal damage and more powerful frontal shields). Attempt went pretty well despite some questionable decisions from me as a capitain, i didnt really use emp as much as i've should have, and didnt at least waste nukes from the bases which were going down anyway, and didnt let our shields fully charge (i was unaware that diff 11 shields recharge THAT slowly).

We still lost all the bases in the end, but after the last base fell, only two fleets of the regular enemy ships remained, which we lured into a black hole and a minefield for the win.

PS: Unfortunately, my sony dsc-wx7 camera sucks and randomly stops recording, so other attempt at recording a video was lost, and this was cut at 19 minutes :(
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Charlie said Mar 22, 2012 05:43:47
Wow, nice fight. Would've liked to seen the end, looks like a kick ass crew!!!
Hissatsu said Mar 22, 2012 07:09:03
Well, right after recording stopped, it went like this:

We were left with some final Executors and Enforcers to deal with, and one executor cloaked while we were fighting it near fist DS, while two enforcers attacked second DS at the same time, and when we went to face the enforcers at second DS, executor decloaked and destroyed the first DS, that way we were left with one remaining DS.

Then we managed somehow to destroy the remaining two executors and ~4 enforcers and save the remaining DS from them, but enemy regular fleets were now too close to the remaining DS. We took down several fleets with nukes and emp's (and wonderful work from our comms officer, who forced surrender of A LOT of enemy ships, buying us extra time, since enemies pursue surrendered ships to finish them off), but then went out of both nukes and emp's.... it didnt help that our weapons guy (sitting on the left, he's a major troll) dropped a mine right between the advancing fleets and the base when we were docked, so we had to fly around it each time we went in combat or back (looking back, i think it might've been a better desicion to ram this mine, it took too many valueable seconds from us).

In the end we were against two fleets which had some ~4 dreadnoughts and ~5 battleships, approaching remaining DS in tight formation, with our shields wiped out, so couldnt even make a bombing run. I had to make the decision to abandon the base and warp behind a black hole and a minefield, where we waited for ~5 minutes for the fleets to come and suicide against them.
Charlie said Mar 22, 2012 19:43:01
Bravo!!! Epic battle, looking forward to my team trying it. Thom, might want to make a second wave of attacks as I am looking forward to some multi-ship tactics. Thanks for the run down!
MariusSørumMoeSpeider said May 13, 2012 19:00:37
Hissatsu, thanks for uploading! Can't understand a bit of russian, but it helps having at least one screen to watch for info on what is going on ^_^

If you record more in the future, an edited down version with possibly subtitles would be awesome, but no pressure ^_^
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