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Artemis Canon & In-sim access to Atlas/Canon?

posted Mar 18, 2012 01:42:11 by LeeKeiserII
As mentioned in other threads, my intention is to a single 3-hour experience that leaves a group of 1-st time players in awe when their mission is complete. This likely means a multi-threaded, GM controlled, story line focusing on as much immersion and in-game fun as possible. I believe that if the story line is at all complex, that having a rich canon and back-story will enhance all around gameplay. Certain parts of this story/canon can even be shared with the prospective crew prior to the actual game time to allow for the prospective crew to "get into it" before they even step aboard the bridge.

If the story is robust and the canon is complete enough, then possibly the comms officer, or any officer not engaged at the task at hand to access [somehow] the in-game atlas and pick up on potential 'hooks' in the story line that can equate to WHICH comms message to send to the enemy threat in order to turn them peaceful, or similar situations.

Whats the current state of the Artemis canon and is there a way to have that accessible through the game interface itself? I considered just having an extra computer or even just another monitor on a station or two that may just run a full-screen/kiosk interface to a web browser to be able to access this info while on the bridge. My particular slant on the LBE has each station looking at possible 3 full-sized monitors at their station PLUS having visual access to the MAIN screen as well so the access to this might not be too difficult.


[edit] P.s. Oops.. This was posted here since I'm relating it to the LBE, however if this should have been posted in the Development topic, Thom please feel free to move it. (ya aint gonna hurt my feelins) :-)
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edmundrw said Mar 19, 2012 12:34:51
I think this sounds great.
So comms would have access to a mission script-defined set of data logs to browse. Some entries could be made available by scripted triggers as well.

Then the script could perhaps design certain entries or lines from entries to be clickable. When you click them, you can then select a vessel or station to communicate that part of the lore to them (that in, itself could be an event trigger)

a small extract of a larger data log being:
"...Klingons are afraid of <Tribbles>..."

Comms can click 'Tribbles' and then select a Klingon ship and it sends a message 'Stand down or we will beam Tribbles aboard your ship', which triggers a chance of stand down.

All of the above would be defined by a mission script though.
Cmdr.Brandr said Mar 19, 2012 23:08:25
You could also have the other stations get information from unseen crew members via warning message relevant to the station.

I do like the idea of an Artemis canon archive where the crew could look up stuff. An HTML browser witness tne wiki would be a good start.
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TreChipman said Mar 20, 2012 03:13:01
I have some stuff listed at that might help, Lee; if you think any of it might work towards your LBE, feel free to use it. Also, see my comments in that same post from Mar 13 for some ideas on how to trigger "data events" from the log files.
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LeeKeiserII said Mar 20, 2012 13:10:21
Anyone use the web-based version of "The Brain"? Check out: This would look like a VERY futuristic web-interface to any data that is available...

Tre; Thank you. I'm sure I will. :-)

Edmundrw; I think you're right. This would give comms a BUNCH to do and have them feel like an important part of the mission. If Modules could be scripted that have some problem-solving elements to them that require some background factoid I think it would bring the group of players together as a whole as they work through the mission.

Who, in the Artemis community, have any thoughts of being science fiction writers?? ;-)
Cmdr.Brandr said Mar 20, 2012 21:21:38
I admit to having indulged occasional thoughts about writing science fiction and/or fantasy but never having followed through with it.

An addendum....
I was just thinking that some general/basic Artemis canon information should be readily available without the simulator being involved. By that I mean a library computer or website that beginning players could peruse will waiting their turn and advanced/returning players could study in between mission days. Seems like some sort of web interface is required for this.
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TreChipman said Mar 21, 2012 05:30:10
I've actually got a lot of little nuggets of cannon-like info built into the rudiments of my Verse mod; they show up in the appropriate console when the ship closes to a certain distance from the object:

Unfortunately, it's been neglected for several months, and probably won't work in the new Artemis formats... still, the info is there:

Earth is the Homeworld of the Confederation. Despite being the birthplace of the humans, it is otherwise considered to be mostly harmless, galactically speaking.
T3 D3 A3 P3 C3 W7 L5

Luna is Earth's moon, and was first colonized in the early 21st century. Armstrong City, the capital, is currently home to over 3 million sentients.
T1 D3 A0 P0 C0 W0 L5

Talsoria is home to the Talsori, a race of squat porcine bipeds. The Talsori are the first intelligent species the Humans encountered and one of the founding members of the Confederation.
T3 D3 A3 P3 C3 W4 L5

Athena is one of Confed's most valuable worlds, not because of mineral deposits or because it's home to important allies; rather, the small, Earthlike planet is central to many corporations as a research and development planet. Many of the best and brightest minds in the Confederation reside here, tirelessly pushing back the dark borders of ignorance.
T3 D4 A3 P3 C3 W4 L6

Carillion is a popular resort planet, the destination of choice for many of Confed's wealthy elite. From the 4km high waterfalls on Pargaea (the planet's primary continent), to the cozy sun-drenched harbors of Karadan, and the millions of tiny tropical islands in between, almost every square kilometer of this planet's naturally resplendent surface (as well as some magnificent cave structures in the island of Varlavan) evokes wonder and awe by all who visit.
T2 D4 A3 P3 C2 W8 L4

Gary VII

Hephaestus is an unstable, volcanic world that most geological scientists have predicted will break apart in the next century or so. Since there's very little the Confederation can do to prevent the uninhabited planet's demise, it's become a popular location for extreme corporate mining and manufacturing operations. Hazardous materials, dangerous chemicals, and questionable construction processes are all granted an unofficial blind eye from Confed provided a) they produce results and b) they don't intentionally harm any Confederated Citizens.
T5 D2 A5 P2 C1 W0 L6

Durabon is the marketplace of the (Confederated) galaxy. Located almost exactly between 4 different Riftgates, it is the economic hub of the Confederation. From the top floors of the mightiest megacorps in Known Space to seedy back-alley deals negotiated over blood and off-brand Kullian Brandy, virtually everything and anything on Durabon is up for sale, provided the price is right. Perhaps more importantly, Durabon potentially grants a single aggressor with access to three different systems, so it is heavily guarded by an extensive array of nearby star stations and defensive weaponry.
T3 D4 A3 P3 C4 W3 L5

Kliberisk is a maximum security prison planet that houses the worst of the Kralien empire, including several captured Confed operatives and prisoners of war. It is 3.6 AU from an already cold star (compared to Sol), and the surface temperatures during the winter are often measured in Kelvin for expediency.
T5 D2 A1 P2 C6 W3 L3

Tai'Zandi is the homeworld of the Tai'Zan, a race of tall (average 2.3m), green skinned bipeds. They were conquered by the Kraliens during the initial Battle of Corvalis some two decades ago, and upon being freed by the TSN after the Second Battle of Corvalis four years later, were eager to join the confederation. Since then, they've been nothing but staunch and dependable allies, and many ships in the TSN consider themselves lucky to count the stalwart Tai'Zan crewbeings among their ranks.
T3 D3 A3 P4 C2 W6 L3

Drassila is the home to the Drassilad, an insectizoid species that bares a striking resemblance to common (albeit blue skinned) humans. Even the ugliest of them are generally regarded as attractive by human standards, and while many of the Confederated worlds are quick to embrace them, some xenobiologists have noted that the Drassilad have, in their past, adopted the pleasurable appearance of what they determine to be their deadliest foe in order to kill them from within. Even given this knowledge, the Drassilad are considered members in good standing with the Confederation.
T3 D3 A2 P3 C2 W7 L5

Gloor, as pronounced in the native tongue of its inhabitants, is a small terrestrial planet inhabited by a species of intelligent (if relatively primitive) apes. While their lack of space travel technology makes them currently ineligible for inclusion in the Confederation, they control vast amounts of Quadrillim, and are apparently willing to trade it for trivial holo-charms and other high tech trinkets.
T2 D2 A3 P4 C2 W6 L1

Veridin is home to a pre-industrial human-like society that Confed has been monitoring for years. One country, Cepheis, is well ahead of the others in nuclear weapon production. While Confed has seen this happen before on other worlds, it would be a direct violation of the First General Order to interfere with pre-spaceflight civilizations. However, it is also unlikely the Cepheians acquired the means to destroy their entire planet more or less overnight without some sort of outside help.
T3 D3 A3 P3 C3 W6 L2

Criseida is small moon leased from the Confederaiton by Universal Dynamics, one of the largest Megacorps in Known Space. UniDyne uses the tiny moon as a safe location to test some of its more potentially dangerous scientific experiments, such as REDACTED: YOU REQUIRE OMEGA LEVEL AUTHORIZATION, REDACTED: YOU REQUIRE OMEGA LEVEL AUTHORIZATION, and, of course, REDACTED: YOU REQUIRE OMEGA LEVEL AUTHORIZATION.
T1 D1 A0 P0 C5 W0 L6

Perdition is the primary maximum security prison facility for the Confederation. Criminals with life sentences and no chance of parole are drop shipped to the planet with little more than a survival kit and a week's worth of rations. Fortunately, the planet's ample flora and fauna offers prisoners with a wealth of food and water, and the planet's lack of viable mineral resources insure that the inmates cannot build a ship to escape their captivity. Even still, Stations exist around the planet to discourage escape or outside intervention.
T2 D4 A3 P4 C2 W6 L0

Wraith's position within the Garlaran Nebula made it difficult to spot during the first few Confed surveys of the system; in fact, it was only after extensive volumetric analysis of the nebula's composition that Confed speculated there was possibly a planet lurking in the difficult scanning environment. Wraith serves as a top secret staging area for TSN forces against the Kralien threat.
T1 D3 A0 P0 C2 W0 L5

While Confed is loathe to use words like "cursed", the fact that the Earth-like world of Kanuga is currently uncolonized is no accident. In the past, no less than 8 colonies have been established on what should have been an ideal world to support human life, and all of them failed without explanation within 90 solar days. Four of the colonies were found destroyed, as if torn apart by savage animals that no survey located before or since, three were found abandoned mysteriously, and one has vanished altogether. The fate of all the colonists, more than 8,000 of them, is still unknown. Currently, the planet is under quarantine until Confed can isolate the threat.
T3 D3 A3 P3 C3 W7 L0

The code at the end of the descriptions all follow a system I came up with waaaay back for a PNP RP space combat thing, and frankly, it shows its age.

Basically, it's a series of numbers that are supposed to give you a quick thumbnail sketch of the planet's environment, just by looking at a brief code. They are listed as Type, Density, Atmosphere, Pressure, Climate, Water Percentage (Divided by 10) and Level of Advancement. 3 for TDAPC is pretty much Earthlike (Earth would be T:3 D:3 A:3 P:3 C:3 W:7 L: 5), fluctuating by one or another on any two of those probably means special habitats, suits, etc, but the planet is still habitable in the long run. Going two or more in either direction on more than one value makes it extremely difficult to make a colony there for human beings.

It needs to be a little more elegant, and a lot more accessible, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

Types: 0: Asteroid, 1: Hostile Greenhouse, 2: Greenhouse, 3: Earthlike, 4: Desert, 5: Hostile, 6: Rockball, 7: Icy Rockball, 8: Iceball, 9: Exotic

Density: 0: Superdense, 1: Metallic, 2: High Iron, 3: Medium Iron, 4: Low Iron, 5: Silicate, 6: Gas Giant

Atmosphere: 0: None, 1: Reducing, 2: Exotic, 3: Oxygen/Nitrogen, 4: Poison, 5: Corrosive

Pressure: 0: None, 1: Trace, 2: Thin, 3: Standard, 4: Dense, 5: Superdense

Climate: 0: Very Hot, 1: Hot, 2: Tropical, 3: Earthlike, 4: Cool, 5: Cold, 6: Very Cold, 7: Frozen

Water is (W x 10)%, so Earth's W of 7 indicates 70% water.

(Tech) Level is pretty relative; at any given time, the average of our civilization is always 5; any level below it is 10 years behind, any level ahead is 10 ahead. 2 levels, it jumps to 100 years, 3, 1000 years, and so on. 0 is generally Confed Recon shorthand for "Nothing worth mentioning."
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TreChipman said Mar 27, 2012 03:12:18
Seriously, do I get a badge or something for killing this many threads?
I'm not a mad scientist. I'm an angry one. You'd be wise to fear the latter.

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ThomRobertson said Mar 27, 2012 21:55:03
You guys are right, I need to take the back-story/canon more seriously. You all know by now that I PERSONALLY am a technical game developer, and I spend very little time writing stories or generating background content myself. But Chipman and SlipStream have both contributed in the past, and I need to collate that data and make it more available to all.
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DwayneShaffer said Sep 30, 2012 02:08:47

I don't think it is you, It's that all the thread are spread to wide I just found this using the search box.

I kinda redid the Territories Map I tried to keep it as close as the first one. So here it is.

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lordrahvin said Sep 30, 2012 19:15:04
I think the Targoth should be closer to the Confederation territories. Their drone weapons make them kind of a fan favorite compared the Krelians, so I'm assuming they would appear in more missions, thus being closer.

The skaarans being far away make sense, given that only a few "elites" ever show up in a mission, and they rarely appear in full force. If you want to keep the "romulan" analogy, you could make the size of their territory rival the Confederation, but be beyond the other three territories.

Also, it is me are ths skaaran's occupying empty space?

The Confederation seems there is a lot of territory to the "left" and "right" of the Confederation ripe for exploration/conquest/colonization, so the map itself does not suggest one where warfare is needed. Perhaps this reflects why they have a technological (and cultural?) superiority? On the other hand, the aliens seem to have more limited space, so maybe this accounts for their aggression against the Confederation and reduced Confederate fleet presence?
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DwayneShaffer said Oct 01, 2012 03:50:10

I redid map trying to keep it as close to the Canon one. There is not a whole lot about the canon side of Artemis but what there is I have tried to say with.
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